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July 2023

Financial wellness is more than just finances

Blah, blah, blah…that’s what many employees hear when the term financial wellness is presented. Research shows that 62 percent of people don’t talk about money1 yet 32 percent have high or somewhat high levels of stress related to household finances.2 So how can employers help employees take action to enhance their financial well-being?

There’s no perfect solution, but one tactic is to promote wellness resources related to non-financial issues. Building confidence in these areas may lead to employees tackling more complex matters. Examples include assistance with things like legal issues, identity theft protection and general well-being.

Our Financial Wellness 360® program offers a wide range of life-enhancing assistance, and most features are available with no additional cost. Here’s a sampling of the many resources available:

  • Identity theft recovery: prevention/detection, resolution guidance
  • Legal assistance: wills, 30-minute legal consultation, real estate, separation/divorce, templates
  • Substance abuse management: assessment/recommendations
  • Grief support: phone counseling, support group referrals, community resources
  • Emotional guidance: anxiety, depression, stress, anger management
  • Practical support: elder care and child care matching, nutritional and weight management
  • Travel assistance: emergency assistance, planning, passport, immunizations, lost/stolen luggage

Helping employees improve their overall financial well-being has the potential to enhance productivity and satisfaction. Let’s talk and create a strategy for leveraging our products, resources and expertise to help employees get on track to a better financial future.

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1. Empower “Money Talks” report, April 2023

2. LIMRA consumer sentiment survey, January 2023

Lifestyle Benefits are provided by third party service providers. All such services and products are the sole responsibility of the service provider. The services are not affiliated with Securian Financial Group, Inc. or its group contracts and may be discontinued at any time. Certain terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply when utilizing the services.

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