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Topical resources to add value to your client relationships

Health care, Social Security, widowhood — the list of retirement concerns goes on and on.

In addition to our full product suite and commitment to you and your clients, we offer ideas and tools on a variety of retirement topics to help you grow your business and add value to your client relationships.

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Social Security basics

Our campaign tools help clients understand how Social Security retirement benefits work, how circumstances of their retirement can affect benefits, and the possibilities they have for optimizing their benefits.

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Health care costs in retirement

Ensuring enough income to cover health care costs is a critical component in a client’s financial strategy. Our materials outline how the cost of care continues to rise, as well as the impact of inflation and longevity when developing a strategy to cover costs in retirement.

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Retirement considerations for women

Women have distinct challenges when it comes to retirement. Our campaign materials reveal these unique considerations and subsequent need to generate income to cover a retirement that could last 30 years or more.

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An annuity is intended to be a long-term, tax-deferred retirement vehicle. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed, and if withdrawn before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty. If the annuity will fund an IRA or other tax qualified plan, the tax deferral feature offers no additional value. Qualified distributions from a Roth IRA are generally excluded from gross income, but taxes and penalties may apply to nonqualified distributions. Consult a tax advisor for specific information. Variable annuities have additional expenses such as mortality and expense risk, administrative charge, investment management fees and rider fees. Variable annuities are subject to market fluctuation, investment risk and loss of principal.

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