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Hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital stays are no fun. Neither are the bills.

A hospital stay is a lot more common than people may realize. And when it happens, it can be costly. Hospital indemnity insurance is one way to help protect your family's savings.

What is hospital indemnity insurance?

Hospital indemnity insurance provides a predetermined lump sum cash payment while you are hospitalized as a result of a serious accident or illness as defined by your policy.

The payout is not dependent upon the amount of your hospital charges or other insurance coverage and benefits you may have.

Most hospital indemnity insurance allows you to use the money however you wish. Many don’t require you to answer questions about your health when enrolling, and some allow you to enroll in coverage for your dependents, too.

How hospital indemnity insurance works


John elects coverage

offered by his employer.


John is painting and falls

off his ladder. He breaks his arm and though he doesn’t need surgery, spends two days in the hospital.


John gets a payment

from his insurance company. 


John uses the money

to pay for his groceries and lawn service.

What hospital indemnity insurance covers

You may be eligible to receive a hospital indemnity insurance benefit if you are hospitalized as a result of serious injury or illness as defined by the policy. 

Coverage varies and limitations can apply, so be sure to check any policy for details and exclusions before you enroll.

Why it makes sense

Protecting yourself and your family with additional, cost-effective coverage is one way you can try to avoid incurring significant medical debt due to a hospital visit or stay.

How do I purchase this type of insurance?

Our insurance products may be offered through your employer. Contact your employer's benefits department today to learn more about your group health insurance options and costs.

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This is a limited benefit product. Hospital indemnity insurance has exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact Securian Financial. Product availability and features may vary by state.

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