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March 2024

Understanding whole-person wellness and the impact of caregiving

Who doesn’t want to experience whole-person well-being — that secure state where there’s just the right balance between personal and professional life. It’s something people desire, but despite best efforts, it can be difficult to achieve. And now there’s a factor tipping the scale on that balance for a growing number of people — caregiving.

Being a caregiver for another person can be an honor and a joy; however, it can also take an emotional and financial toll. And the impact of those factors can negatively affect both personal and professional wellness. Employers play an important role in supporting employee well-being. And with the growing number of people taking on a caregiving role, the needs of this audience require additional consideration as employers evaluate and modify benefit programs.

Securian Financial recently conducted a survey that explored what whole-person wellness means to full-time employees and how employers can support this definition. It also studied the challenges of caregivers, what benefits would be most helpful, and how to encourage the use of available offerings. The results are linked below, and we think you’ll find them intriguing.

As employers delve into the concept of whole-person wellness, Securian is here to help with wide-ranging wellness solutions and innovative supplemental health options to support employees, caregivers and their loved ones.

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