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Financial Wellness 360®

A comprehensive program to support the financial well-being of diverse workforces

Making the case for financial wellness assistance

Families across the country are stressed when it comes to their personal finances. By offering our robust financial wellness program, you can help relieve this stress.

Our multi-faceted program includes online, in-person and self-paced services that embrace the variety of ways people of all generations engage with information.

Mix and match components to create a solution that supports benefit objectives, budget parameters and employee needs.

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Bereavement services with Empathy

Comprehensive support system offers on-demand personalized guidance and care for the administrative, emotional, legal and financial challenges associated with loss.

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Personalized financial education by Enrich™

Behavior-changing, interactive financial education to help employees improve their financial well-being.

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Worksite education by Advisor Connection

Convenient, worksite education designed to help employees learn about financial principles relevant to them.

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Self-serve tools available with Lifestyle Benefits

A suite of self-service resources that help employees address today's financial challenges and plan for tomorrow.

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Learn how our financial wellness resources can support employee well-being.

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Support recruiting and retention, relieve employee stress and raise productivity

Providing long-term financial success, Financial Wellness 360 programs can be customized to meet:

  • Your benefits objectives and strategic roadmap
  • Your budgets
  • Employee's learning and engagement preferences
  • Employee's financial circumstances

Help employees and drive results

Supporting financial well-being not only helps employees pay off debt, save for an emergency and get on track for retirement, but also achieve business results:

  • Reduce health care costs
  • Engage employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Maintain or improve morale
  • Aid in retaining and recruiting efforts
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase plan participation

The need is real. Support employees today

More than 2 in 3 Americans would be worried about having enough emergency savings to cover a month's worth of living expenses.1

57% of employees are stressed about their finances and one in three full-time employees says financial worries have had a negative impact on their productivity at work.2

68% report using financial wellness services their employers provide.2

Financial wellness is a critical benefit

Financial matters is the top cause of stress at work for U.S. employees — and distracting them on the job.2 Employee financial stress potentially costs employers across the U.S. close to $200 billion annually in lost productivity and engagement.3

Supporting ethnic and racial financial equity in workplace wellness

The link between ethnic and racial financial equity, productivity and wealth.

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Financial Wellness 360

Our Financial Wellness 360 program offers comprehensive, flexible solutions to help reduce financial stress.

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1. Bankrate's 2024 annual emergency savings report, Bankrate January 2024.

2. PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 2023.

32022 Wellness Barometer Survey, April - May 2022, BrightPlan, 2022.

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