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Comprehensive bereavement support for insured individuals and their beneficiaries

Empathy offers a holistic approach to bereavement support by providing on-demand personalized guidance and care for the administrative, emotional, legal, and financial challenges associated with loss.

This service is available at no additional cost to beneficiaries of employees enrolled in group life insurance as part of our Beneficiary Claims Services and to all individuals (employee, spouse and insurance-eligible children) enrolled in accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity insurance with life-threatening conditions at the time of claim.

Grief support

Empathy provides a compassionate and understanding space where families can find support that resonates most with their personal experience of loss and preparing for a loss, including:

  • Real-time human support from a team of Care Managers
  • Guided meditations, breathing exercises, and additional tools
  • In-depth library on loss

Logistical support

Each insured individual and beneficiary receives a personalized Care Plan tailored to their individual needs. A wide variety of time-saving tools and support enables them to:

  • Get help planning a funeral and locating a trusted funeral home
  • Receive an expertly-crafted obituary honoring their loved one
  • Identify and manage all benefits the family may be eligible for
  • Close accounts and cancel subscriptions
  • Keep key documents in a secure digital document storage
  • Navigate probate and settle the estate with state-specific support

Seamlessly incorporated into our claims experience

Insured individuals and their beneficiaries will be invited to Empathy via the app or website when a life insurance claim or a life-threatening claim is filed.

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Making the case for bereavement services

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The average person takes 15 months to complete all of the administrative tasks to wrap up their loved one's affairs, or 18 months if they are the executor of the estate.

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The average family spends a total of $12,616 on all the expenses related to their loved one's death. The funeral by itself costs an average of $5,666.

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94.5% suffer from at least one negative physical or mental symptom after a loss, and for 84% of them, these symptoms have a harmful effect on their daily life.

Source: The Cost of Dying 2024 Report, Empathy.

Value-added services availability and features may vary by state. Your Securian Financial representative can confirm availability. The relationship between The Empathy Project Inc. and Securian Financial Group, Inc., is that of independent contractor. These services are not affiliated with Securian Financial Group, Inc. or its group contracts and may be discontinued at any time. Certain terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply when utilizing the services. The Empathy Project Inc. is responsible for the services it provides and does not have the power or authority to obligate or bind Securian Financial Group, Inc., in any manner beyond that which is contractually agreed to by the parties.

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