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Advisor Connection

Bring financial education to employees

Advisor Connection sessions allow employees to learn and explore various financial wellness topics from personal finance, retirement preparation, understanding Social Security and Medicare, learning more about saving for college education, and investing for the future.

Customized set up

We help determine topics, number of sessions and schedule, audience and invitation lists. Presentations can be customized to your specific benefits.

Program management

We handle the session registration process for you.

Promotional campaign

Choose which ready-to-use communications you want to promote sessions and drive awareness.


You receive employee participation and satisfaction data to monitor success.

Tangible follow-up

Each participating employee gets a workbook with key concepts – and an invitation to schedule a one-on-one conversation with a financial professional.

No additional cost

And there's no cost or obligation to you or your employees to participate.

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Learn how our financial wellness resources can support employee well-being.

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Sample workbook

Check out the workbook for our Personal Finance workshop.

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Choose from a range of seminar topics

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College education strategies

Overview of fundamental strategies that can help employees financially prepare for higher education.

Audience: All employees

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Estate planning basics

Information to help create a foundation for estate planning — including will preparation, naming fiduciaries and other important concepts.

 All employees

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Investment fundamentals

Investment information and considerations that can build the foundation for employees current and future investments.

Audience: All employees

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Personal finance

Personal finance strategies to help employees identify money challenges, set goals and take action

Audience: All employees

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Retirement income

Retirement distribution and investment concepts help employees with important considerations as they near retirement

Audience: Employees nearing retirement

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Retirement saving

Practical saving strategies for all ages and career stages inspire employees to take action on their goals

Audience: All employees

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Social Security and Medicare

Essential facts about Social Security and Medicare to help prepare for retirement

Audience: Employees nearing retirement


sessions held

4.5 out of 5

employee satisfaction rating


employees have attended seminars


follow-up appointments scheduled since starting program

Advisor Connection participation results as of September 2023 since program inception in 2018. 

Why work with a financial professional

Financial professionals1 help develop financial strategies for a number of scenarios based on the unique needs of their clients. Advisor Connection gives employees a good place to start with the session workbook. It’s an ideal way to help them think about their financial needs and identify what information they may need to bring when they talk with a financial professional. 

Each financial professional has a unique style, approach and general focus on their client's unique needs. For example, they may provide clients with guidance on specific areas or take a big-picture view of a client’s finances, depending on an individual’s needs and goals. 

There are a variety of ways financial professionals typically work with clients including:

  • Financial planning for a systematic, comprehensive approach
  • Retirement income strategies to help clients navigate the complexities of drawing income from retirement accounts.
  • Insurance solutions to help clients establish financial protection.
  • Investing strategies that focus on building a portfolio in line with a client’s risk tolerance
  • Estate planning to help clients consider how they want to transfer their wealth

1. Brokerage firms and associated financial advisors/professionals are regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and are required to learn as much about a customer’s investment profile as possible before recommending a securities transaction or investment strategy (FINRA Rule 2111).

Enrich by iGrad and Lifestyle Benefits are provided by third-party service providers. All such services and products are the sole responsibility of the service provider. The services are not affiliated with Securian or its group contracts and may be discontinued at any time. Certain terms, conditions and restrictions may apply when utilizing the services.

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Financial advisors/professionals do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such. You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation.


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