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Term life insurance products

Our term life insurance products offer your clients affordable premiums, a choice of coverage periods and the ability to convert to a permanent product in the future.

Advantage Elite Select Term

Our Advantage Elite Select term life product meets your clients’ term life protection needs with affordable premiums and a choice of five coverage periods. An Extended Conversion Agreement lets clients lock in insurability while having the option to convert to permanent life insurance protection in the future. Advantage Elite Select is available in 10, 15, 20, 30 level term years.

Convertible Annual Renewable Term

Convertible Annual Renewable Term (CART) and CART Second Death (CART-SD) products are designed for people who want low-cost life insurance with annual renewable premiums for up to ten years. These products can lock in insurability for your clients seeking coverage that is more robust and allow them to convert when the time is right. 

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Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

Life insurance products contain fees, such as mortality and expense charges (which may increase over time), and may contain restrictions such as surrender charges.

Insurance policy guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company.

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