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Accident and sickness insurance

Focus on your health rather than your finances

Unexpected events like accidents, illnesses and injuries can disrupt your life – and your finances.

While medical insurance typically covers most costs, other types of expenses can arise – like transportation costs, additional childcare and household tasks you can't do for yourself.

Fretting over finances isn’t going to help you heal. That's why Securian Financial offers the following accident and illness coverage - so you can plan for the unexpected before it happens and avoid tapping into savings or other sources.

Securian Financial offers this coverage at affordable rates through employers and financial institutions; they can help you explore your options.


When an accident happens, your plans, activities and work routines can come to a sudden halt. Accident insurance helps you plan for the unexpected.

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Critical illness

It’s difficult to anticipate the extra expenses a serious illness may bring, but you can be smart and help plan for them with critical illness insurance.

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Hospital indemnity

Medical insurance covers a lot of expenses, but not all the unexpected costs that arise from a stay in the hospital. Hospital indemnity insurance can help.

Hospital indemnity, explained

Accidental death/AD&D

When an accident results in a fatality or dismemberment, accidental death and AD&D insurance offer added protection to help your family through the crisis

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