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April 2024

Maximize employee benefit utilization with a multi-generational focus

It’s easy to find statistics highlighting the experience preferences of today’s multi-generational workforce, and leveraging those insights is a smart idea for boosting interest in employee benefits. Believe it or not, open enrollment is around the corner, so HR teams should start to think about integrating tactics that resonate across all generations can help enhance employee engagement in their benefits.

Examples of approaches that resonate across generations include:

  • Digital experiences: Younger generations expect digital accoutrements, but many Boomers are well-versed in digital and equally value these capabilities
  • Personalization: It’s hard to not appreciate communications, resources and tools specifically tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances over one size fits all messages
  • Proactive communication: Periodically providing insights and examples helps build knowledge and keep people in touch with their benefits

Securian Financial employs a variety of strategies to empower employees of all generations to take full advantage of their benefits, such as:

  • Benefit Scout®: Digital decision support tool that analyzes information provided by an employee and life and offers supplemental health insurance recommendations and cost estimates based on their unique needs
  • Map a payout: Online tool that allows employees to build a claim scenario following an accident or hospital stay to see potential payouts based on their specific circumstances
  • Communications enabled by artificial intelligence: Proactive email communication offering personalized life insurance coverage recommendations and cost estimates to employees during the enrollment process
  • Access to benefit specialists: Digital resources are great, but there are times when the assistance and empathy offered by a live person is most valued
  • Medical claims integration: Digital notifications for employees when a medical event might qualify for a supplemental health payout

Let’s connect and discuss how Securian can help you craft a multi-generational strategy to enhance employee benefit utilization.

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