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Advantage Elite Select 

Term Life Insurance

Insurance on your clients’ terms

Advantage Elite Select can provide your clients with life insurance on their terms – the coverage they want, when they want it. As term life insurance, it provides death benefit protection for a specified number of years.

Why choose Advantage Elite Select Term?

Affordable, level premiums

Give clients the ability to obtain their desired protection level within their budget.

Conversion abilities

Allows conversion to any of our currently-available permanent products without additional underwriting.

Contactless WriteFit Underwriting™

Provide an easy client experience with faster underwriting decisions and no need for medical exams or blood tests.

Customizable for maximum protection

Optional agreements, including the popular chronic illness conversion agreement, let your clients customize the policy.

Affordable, level premiums

Competitive premiums for your protection sales

Give your clients the protection they need for their family at a price they can afford, with 10, 15, 20 or 30 year guaranteed durations.

Conversion abilities

Convert to a permanent policy at a later date- without additional underwriting

Clients can convert $100,000 or more to any permanent life insurance product, including indexed, variable and survivorship policies if both spouses have an Advantage Elite Select term policy.  After conversion, if the remaining amount of term coverage is $100,000 or more, clients can keep it in the term policy for the remaining coverage period.

In addition, when a policy is converted in the first two years, we will provide clients a credit up to the annual premium paid on their Advantage Elite Select term policy.

Contactless WriteFit Underwriting™

Fast underwriting for an improved client experience

Our WriteFit Underwriting program uses tools and techniques that predict relative mortality based on a number of behaviors. With WriteFit Underwriting, there is no need for medical exams or blood tests. Instead, clients participate in a phone interview. The policy is issued within 24 hours of completion of the interview for clients who qualify.

Learn more about WriteFit UnderwritingTM

Customizable for maximum protection

Build a policy customized for your client

Give clients protection for their family now and in the future. Advantage Elite Select is the only term product on the market that gives the ability to convert to permanent coverage while adding chronic illness protection without underwriting at the time of conversion. The conversion can take place even after the insured has qualified for chronic illness benefits.

Another popular agreement is our Extended Conversion Agreement, which allows full conversion privileges for the duration of the policy or to age 75.

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Advantage Elite Select Term product details

Policy type

Level premium multi-year term policy

Premium band Band one   Band two Band three Band four
Face amount $50,000–
$1 million
$3 million
Underwriting process WriteFit Express   WriteFit1 (available for ages 18–60) or Traditional WriteFit1 (available for ages 18–50 and up to $2 million) or Traditional Traditional
Underwriting classes Standard Standard or better WriteFit: Standard or better
Traditional: All available classes
WriteFit: Standard or better
Traditional: All available classes
All available classes
Duration Issue ages   Issue ages Issue ages Issue ages
   10 years 16–54   16–80 16–80 16–80
   15 years 16–54   16–70 16–70 16–70
   20 years 16–54   16–65 16–65 16–65
   30 years 16–45   16–50 16–50 16–50
Policy fee $50   $75 $75 $75


To age 95

Minimum face


Conversion period for all bands

  • 10- and 15-year durations: 5 years
  • 20- and 30-year durations: 10 years


See available agreements

Product details may be different for New York. To find NY specific information you can log into Securian Financial's financial professional site or contact your sales team.

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1. For ages 55-60: Preferred and Preferred Select classes are available.

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

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Life insurance products contain fees, such as mortality and expense charges, and may contain restrictions, such as surrender periods.

WriteFit and WriteFit Express are available under our WriteFit Underwriting program.

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