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Please note this product is only available in NY.

Eclipse (IUL)

Eclipse Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

Life insurance coverage with flexibility for accumulation or protection focused clients.

Eclipse IUL provides competitive index crediting options for accumulation or protection-focused clients. Eclipse IUL appeals to clients who desire death benefit protection with the flexibility to design a product to meet their needs- whether protection (with the No Lapse Guarantee Agreement) or accumulation.

Product overview

  • Potential for guaranteed lifetime income
  • Optional No-Lapse Guarantee Agreement1
  • Fixed interest rate or variable interest rate loan options

1. The no-lapse guarantee value could be negative if monthly premium payments are not made on time. This may require a larger monthly premium in order to restore the no-lapse guarantee value to zero or greater. The no-lapse guarantee value has no impact on the policy’s cash value and cannot be surrendered or loaned against. Policy loans could cause the no-lapse guarantee value to be less than zero, which would require the repayment of the loan or the payment of additional premiums to restore the no-lapse guarantee value to zero or greater.

Product details

Policy type

Flexible premium indexed universal life designed with flexibility for accumulation or protection.

Issue ages

0-85 years old based on nearest birthday

Minimum face amount

$100,000 for all ages

Indexed account options

  • S&P 500® with 100% participation
  • EURO STOXX 50® with 100% participation
  • S&P 500, 140% Participation
  • Blended, 100% Participation

Traditional Underwriting: Issue ages, faces amount & underwriting classes

Ages: 0-85: $100,000+

  • Preferred Non-Tobacco
  • Non-Tobacco Plus
  • Standard Non-Tobacco
  • Preferred Tobacco
  • Standard Tobacco
  • Special Risk

Surrender charge

Applies for the first 10 years after issue or face amount increase

Minimum guaranteed interest rate

2% at time of death, policy termination or surrender


Fixed interest rate loans:

  • Loan charge rate: 4%
  • Loan crediting rate: 3% in years 1-10, 3.9 in years 11+

Variable interest rate loans:

  • Loan charge rate: 3% minimum, varies based on Moody's Corporate Bond Yield Average
  • Loan crediting rate: 0% minimum up to cap of client's allocated indexed accounts
  • Net variable loan cost could be positive or negative

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Insurance products issued by Securian Life Insurance Company.

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

Life insurance products contain charges, such as Cost of Insurance Charge, Cash Extra Charge, and Additional Agreements Charge (which we refer to as mortality charges), and Premium Charge, Monthly Policy Charge, Policy Issue Charge, Transaction Charge, Index Segment Charge, and Surrender Charge (which we refer to as expense charges). These charges may increase over time, and these policies may contain restrictions, such as surrender periods. Policyholders could lose money in these products.

Policy loans and withdrawals may create an adverse tax result in the event of lapse or policy surrender, and will reduce both the surrender value and death benefit. Withdrawals may be subject to taxation within the first fifteen years of the contract. Clients should consult their tax advisor when considering taking a policy loan.

Because of the risk involved to the client with variable interest rate loans, use caution when illustrating or discussing variable rate loans.

The "S&P 500 Index" is a product of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, a division of S&P Global, or its affiliates ("SPDJI") and, and has been licensed for use by Securian Life Insurance Company ("Securian Life"). Standard & Poor's® and S&P® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC, a division of S&P Global ("S&P"); Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC ("Dow Jones"); and these trademarks have been licensed for use by SPDJI and sublicensed for certain purposes by Securian Life. Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy Series is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by SPDJI, Dow Jones, S&P, their respective affiliates and none of such parties make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such product(s) nor do they have any liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions of the S&P 500 Index.

The EURO STOXX 50® is the intellectual property (including registered trademarks) of STOXX Limited, Zurich, Switzerland and/or its licensors ("Licensors"), which is used under license. The interest crediting for the Indexed Universal Life Series Policies based on the Index are in no way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by STOXX and its Licensors and neither of the Licensors shall have any liability with respect thereto.

This information is a general discussion of the relevant federal tax laws provided to promote ideas that may benefit a taxpayer. It is not intended for, nor can it be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties. Taxpayers should seek the advice of their own advisors regarding any tax and legal issues specific to their situation.

Insurance policy guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company.

For financial professional use only. Not for use with the public. This material may not be reproduced in any form where it is accessible to the general public.

Policy form numbers: 18-20155; SL-13-931; 15-20026; SL-09-939.31; SL-09-915.31; SL-13-302; SL-12-916; 19-20198.31; SL-09-911.31; SL-13-937; SL-09-944.31; SL-09-917.31

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