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Eclipse Protector II

Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

Bringing options to the IUL market

Eclipse Protector II IUL brings an indexed crediting option to the protection-focused market. Eclipse Protector II appeals to clients who desire premiums that fit within their budget and a policy that can provide guaranteed death benefit protection and tax-advantaged cash value.

Why choose Eclipse Protector II?

Competitive premiums

Give clients the ability to obtain their desired protection level within their budget.

No Lapse Guarantee

A lifetime of guaranteed coverage at an affordable price – no matter policy performance.


Contactless WriteFit Underwriting™

Provide an easier client experience with fast underwriting decisions and no need for medical exams or blood tests.

Customizable for maximum protection

Capped and uncapped indexed account options, along with optional agreements like our popular chronic illness solution, let you customize the policy for clients.

Competitive premiums

Competitive premiums for your protection sales

It’s not too good to be true: your clients can have top-notch protection, indexed account options, and customization abilities at a competitive cost.

Contact your sales team for our competitive resources for Eclipse Protector II

No Lapse Guarantee

A lifetime of guaranteed coverage at an affordable price

The required No Lapse Guarantee Agreement (NLGA) on Eclipse Protector II IUL provides peace of mind that no matter how the policy performs, the contract will not lapse – as long as clients pay their premiums. The larger the premium, the longer the death benefit guarantee. The guarantee length can be any duration up to age 120.

Like all of our products, this guarantee is backed by the strength and financial soundness of a highly-rated company.

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Required at policy issue. Allocation restrictions apply for premium allocations, transfers and loan repayments.

Contactless WriteFit Underwriting™

Fast underwriting for an improved client experience

Our WriteFit Underwriting program uses tools and techniques that predict relative mortality based on a number of behaviors. With WriteFit Underwriting, there is no need for medical exams or blood tests. Instead, clients participate in a phone interview. The policy is issued within 24 hours of completion of the interview for clients who qualify.

Learn more about WriteFit Underwriting

Customizable for maximum protection

Protect and diversify assets

Clients can choose from a Fixed Account or several indexed account options that give them growth potential with protection from negative market performance since the interest credited can never be less than zero. Crediting within the indexed accounts is based on the performance of different investment indices.

Indexed accounts Crediting method Ideal client
S&P 500®
(Indexed Account A)
Credits based on the performance of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S. companies Desires index crediting that references the S&P 500®
(Indexed Account F)
Based on the performance of the 50 largest publicly traded European companies Desires index crediting that references the Euro STOXX 50® Index
S&P 500® Low Volatility
(Indexed Account G)
Credits based on changes in value for the 100 least volatile stocks in the S&P 500® Index Desires uncapped upside potential and is looking to take advantage of swings in the underlying index
Rainbow Indexed Account 1 Combines weighted percentages of S&P 500®, EURO STOXX 50® and S&P 500 Low Volatility Index based on performance of the reference indices using 50 percent of the highest performing account, 30 percent from the second highest and 20 percent from the third. Desires a set-it-and-forget-it indexing strategy based on performance of the reference indices

Provide coverage for future care and a life insurance death benefit

Eclipse Protector II IUL’s competitive premiums and the ability to add the Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness Agreement (ADB-CIA) make it an attractive option to provide coverage for future care along with a life insurance death benefit.

See the details on ADB-CIA

Eclipse Protector II IUL product details

Policy type

Flexible-premium indexed universal life with a focus on protection

Issue ages

0-80 based on age at nearest birthday

Minimum face

$50,000 (ages 0-17); $100,000 (ages 18+)

Indexed account options

  • S&P 500® I with 100% participation
  • S&P 500® Low Volatility, uncapped
  • EURO STOXX 50® with 100% participation
  • Rainbow Indexed Account 1 with 100% participation

Fixed account

Minimum of 2% crediting annually

Issue classes

Preferred Select, Preferred Non-Tobacco, Non-Tobacco Plus, Standard Non-Tobacco, Preferred Tobacco, Standard Tobacco, Special Risk

Surrender charge

Applies to the first 15 years after issue or face increase

Minimum guaranteed interest rate

Contract minimum interest rate is 2% cumulative average upon death or termination of contract (less surrender charges and withdrawals)


Fixed interest rate loans:

  • Charge rate: 4%
  • Crediting rate: 3% in years 1-10, 3.9% in years 11+

Variable interest rate loans (only available on money within fixed indexed account options)

  • Charge rate: Varies based on Moody’s Corporate Bond Yield Average (3% minimum)
  • Crediting rate: Directly tied to performance of client’s fixed indexed account allocations
  • Available after year 1; net variable loan cost could be positive or negative

Indexed Loans

  • Loan charge rate: 5%
  • Loan crediting rate: Directly tied to performance of the Indexed Loan Account
  • Available after year 1; net indexed loan cost could be positive or negative

Short-term loans

Available after the first policy anniversary; interest will not be charged if entire loan is repaid within 90 days

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The no lapse guarantee value could be negative if monthly premium payments are not made on time. This may require the policy owner to pay a larger monthly premium in order to restore the no-lapse guarantee value to zero or greater. The no-lapse guarantee value has no impact on the policy's cash value and cannot be surrendered or loaned against. Policy loans could cause the no-lapse guarantee value to be less than zero, which would require the repayment of the loan or the payment of additional premiums to restore the no-lapse guarantee value to zero or greater.

The Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness Agreement is a life insurance policy agreement that provides an option to accelerate the death benefit in the event that the insured becomes chronically ill.

The Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness Agreement may not cover all of the costs associated with chronic illness. The Agreement is generally not subject to health insurance requirements and does not provide long-term care insurance subject to state long-term care insurance law. This Agreement is not a state-approved Partnership for Long Term Care Program Agreement and is not a Medicare supplement policy. Receipt of chronic illness benefit payments under this agreement may adversely affect eligibility for Medicaid or other government benefits or entitlements.

The accumulation value, surrender value, loan value, and death benefit will be reduced by a chronic illness benefit payment under this agreement.

Due to uncertainty in the tax law, chronic illness benefits paid from a life insurance contract may be taxable. Please ensure that your clients consult a tax advisor regarding chronic illness care benefit payments from a life insurance contract.

Additional agreements may be available. Agreements may be subject to additional costs and restrictions. Agreements may not be available in all states or may exist under a different name in various states and may not be available in combination with other agreements.

Because of the risk involved to the client with variable interest rate loans, use caution when illustrating or discussing variable rate loans.

Life insurance products contain fees, such as mortality and expense charges (which may increase over time), and may contain restrictions, such as surrender periods. Policyholders could lose money in this product.

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

Insurance policy guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Policy loans and withdrawals may create an adverse tax result in the event of lapse or policy surrender and will reduce both the surrender value and death benefit. Withdrawals may be subject to taxation within the first fifteen years of the contract. Clients should consult their tax advisor when considering taking a policy loan or withdrawal.

A fixed interest rate loan will begin a 12-month lockout period during which no transfers from the fixed account to an indexed account will apply.

Only one loan rate type available at one time; may switch between loans once per year.

Because of the risk involved to the client with variable interest rate loans, use caution when illustrating or discussing variable rate loans.

The short-term loan provision provides for interest waiver if the loan is paid in full within 90 days of the date the loan was taken. In the event the policyholder does not repay the loan in full within 90 days, interest and other policy loan provisions will apply as of the date the loan was taken. Additional restrictions may apply.

Uncapped indexed account participation rates are subject to change and may be less than 100%. This could have the impact of the indexed account credit being less than the change in the reference index.

The Indexed Universal Life Series is designed first and foremost to provide life insurance protection. While the interest crediting options are attractive for cash accumulation, the product should always be promoted to first meet the death benefit needs of families and businesses with cash accumulation as a secondary benefit. One cannot invest in an index. All indexed accounts available with the Indexed Universal Life Series employ a point-to-point interest crediting method with one year index segments — except where noted — established monthly. Interest credits for any index segment may range from a minimum (0% or 1%) up to the maximum (which may be unlimited for some accounts) for that segment. These policies guarantee that the total interest credited over the life of the policies will not be less than a 2.00% effective annual interest rate. The performance of the underlying index may exceed the offered fixed indexed growth caps. Interest crediting within these accounts will vary based on the movement of the investments within the underlying index. Should the index have 0% growth or decline, policy owners bear the risk that no Index credit will be given to the account.

The “S&P 500 Index” and “S&P 500 Low Volatility Index” are products of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, a division of S&P Global, or its affiliates (“SPDJI”), and have been licensed for use by Minnesota Life Insurance Company (Minnesota Life). Standard & Poor’s® and S&P® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC, a division of S&P Global (“S&P”); Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC (“Dow Jones”); and these trademarks have been licensed for use by SPDJI and sublicensed for certain purposes by Minnesota Life. Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy Series is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by SPDJI, Dow Jones, S&P, their respective affiliates and none of such parties make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such product(s) nor do they have any liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions of the S&P 500 Index or the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index.

The EURO STOXX 50® is the intellectual property (including registered trademarks) of STOXX Limited, Zurich, Switzerland, and/or its licensors (“Licensors”), which is used under license. The interest crediting for the Indexed Universal Life Series Policies based on the Index are in no way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by STOXX and its Licensors and neither of the Licensors shall have any liability with respect thereto.

Rainbow Indexed Account 1 is made up of the following indexes: S&P 500®, Euro STOXX 50®, and S&P 500® Low Volatility. The segment growth rate is equal to the weighted average of the index growth rates for each reference index. On the index credit date, the index growth rate for each reference index is ranked from highest to lowest and the applicable rank weight applied, using 50% of the highest performing account, 30% from the second highest, and 20% from the third.

This information should not be considered as tax or legal advice. Clients should consult their tax or legal advisor regarding their own tax or legal situation.

Insurance products are issued by Minnesota Life Insurance Company in all states except New York. In New York, products are issued by Securian Life Insurance Company, a New York authorized insurer. Minnesota Life is not an authorized New York insurer and does not do insurance business in New York. Both companies are headquartered in St. Paul, MN. Product availability and features may vary by state. Each insurer is solely responsible for the financial obligations under the policies or contracts it issues.

These materials are for informational and educational purposes only and are not designed, or intended, to be applicable to any person's individual circumstances. It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation that anyone engage in (or refrain from) a particular course of action. Securian Financial Group, and its subsidiaries, have a financial interest in the sale of their products.

Securian Financial is the marketing name for Securian Financial Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries. Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company are subsidiaries of Securian Financial Group, Inc.

The information presented above is solely intended for use by financial professionals. Such information is not intended for public consumption or dissemination.

Policy form numbers: ICC19-20204, 19-20204 and any state variations; ICC16-20057, 16-20057 and any state variations; ICC16-20058, 16-20058 and any state variations; ICC09-915, 09-915 and any state variations; ICC11-916, 11-916 and any state variations; ICC19-20198, 19-20198 and any state variations; ICC16-20081, 16-20081 and any state variations; 12-301 and any state variations; 14-20005.37 and any state variations; ICC15-20040, 15-20040 and any state variations.

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