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November 2023

Powerful pairings support employee benefit solutions

Starsky and Hutch, Wayne and Garth, Woody and Buzz – famous pairings where each party brings meaningful strengths to the relationship. An emerging trend that’s beginning to manifest in the employee benefits space is the uniting of insurance benefit consultants and retirement plan specialist advisors to create all-inclusive solutions.

In addition to curating a portfolio of essential products and services, retirement plan specialist advisors and benefit consultants offer extensive, complementary know-how in key areas, including:

  • Understand the importance of meaningful, personalized employee communications
  • Awareness that financial well-being is essential to employees feeling empowered to elect supplemental benefits and save for retirement
  • Appreciation for the utilization of employer and employee data to identify needs and create custom solutions

Employers need group life insurance and supplemental health benefits providers with relevant solutions to meet employee expectations and minimize HR workloads. Benefit consultants need carriers that offer competitive products, leverage innovative technology and provide outstanding service. And both parties value relationships with trusted retirement plan specialist advisors affiliated with quality retirement platforms.

Whether you’re an employer or benefits consultant, you can look to Securian Financial for exceptional group life and supplemental health benefits. We offer 100+ years of experience, consultative, customized programs, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with your preferred partners, including retirement plan specialist advisors.

Let’s connect and create a strategy for creating all-inclusive benefit solutions that support your needs.

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