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The value of service members in the workplace

Supporting service members year-round

Celebrated every November 11, Veterans Day is a national holiday that honors veterans who served our country in war or peace. Veterans Day is also an opportunity for companies to recognize the value, experience and skills veterans bring to the workplace.

They’ve done so much for us. It’s time we returned the favor.

Many companies have realized that veterans bring diverse skills to the workforce. With their understanding of teamwork, leadership and strong work ethic- along with a broad spectrum of experiences and perspectives- service members often have transferable skills that can help them succeed in today's business world.

Supporting service members

One practical strategy businesses can use to support veterans is to have a service member resource group that provides a space for veterans to connect with others and discuss their experiences during the transition.

At Securian Financial, we have our Servicemember Associate Resource Group (SARG). Harold Price, an active army reservist for 21 years and Securian project management consultant, is a co-lead for SARG. “SARG offers an unspoken camaraderie between people who’ve served. It helps you stay connected and supported.”

SARG’s goals revolve around being an employer of choice, increasing community impact, fostering a unique employee culture and promoting SARG outside of Securian. SARG partners with other Securian associate resource groups (ARGs) like the Mental Wellness and Disability ARG to help bring awareness and resources to the many impacts associated with service.   

Battle Buddies to the rescue

There are multiple committees — or pillars — of SARG. One of those is the Battle Buddies program. Emily Henderson, from Securian’s Madison office, is a Battle Buddies co-lead (along with Ethan Kleiner). 

Anyone getting deployed gets connected with a Battle Buddy if they’d like. Our Battle Buddies are here to keep the lines of communication going with deployed Securian employees and provide helping hands and resources before, during and after deployment.

Emily Henderson

Harold Price had first-hand experience with the Battle Buddies. “When I was recently deployed, SARG sent my family a cake, a Bundt cake. Their thoughtful gesture to support my family meant a lot. When I was overseas, they helped me stay connected. And they communicated and celebrated my return.”

One of SARG’s priorities is helping with hiring practices and recruiting service members to Securian. Members will attend career fairs to help recruits and hiring managers discover what each has to offer.

“Often, the transferable skills are not direct, like with police and lawyers. They’re more soft skills. We help them connect the ties between the military’s core values and the core values at Securian.” Veterans often come with an established work ethic, leadership experience, the ability to adapt to change and a strong team player attitude — soft skills most hiring managers are seeking.

SARG is active in the community, whether doing yard clean-ups, volunteering at local events or participating with organizations like Tee it up for the troops to raise money for service members in need.

With over 120 SARG members, SARG is comprised of both veterans and allies (associates that are either are military connected or a supporter of service members), recognizing the value of its service members is important to our company. “I love how Securian supports its military members,” Emily said.

Agreeing with Emily, Harold elaborated. “Service members really have two careers. When you're serving on weekends in addition to working all week, the extra support can make a huge difference.”

Securian Battle Buddy Program

Setting up service members for success

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Did you know?

According to, nearly 200,000 individuals leave the military each year and many, if not most, transition to the private sector.

As of Dec. 13, 2021

Harold Page and Emily Anderson are Securian Financial employees and therefore have a financial connection to Securian Financial. Their statements were given freely.

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