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Securian Financial

Funding Priorities

Making the most of our contributions

The mission of the Securian Financial Foundation is to empower families in our communities to achieve secure tomorrows by investing in programs that promote financial stability, support youth and education and build vibrant communities.

We believe we can make the biggest impact when we direct our resources to specific community needs. The Securian Financial Foundation prioritizes our support to three main categories.

Financial stability

We strongly believe in the importance of self-reliance and we place a high priority on programs that encourage, develop and sustain economic independence.

Examples include job skill training for youth and adults, basic needs support and emergency services.

We provide major operating funding to the United Way in support of a wide array of human services, community support and health organizations.

In addition to funding from the Securian Financial Foundation, Securian organizes a sizable associate fundraising campaign each year. Together our giving totals more than $1 million annually.

Because of this strong support, we do not generally consider additional requests for operating support from organizations receiving United Way funding. However, United Way agency programs that do not receive United Way funding may be considered for funding.

We also consider funding organizations demonstrating a service in an area of unmet need that do not receive support from the United Way.

Youth and education

We support higher education and its contributions to the economic health and vitality of our community.

Primary support is focused on private colleges and universities, and youth development programs that encourage the pursuit of higher education. We consider contributions to tax-supported colleges and universities only if the program is unavailable through private colleges or if it meets a specific community need.

Vibrant communities

The Securian Financial Foundation provides support to the arts to enhance the quality of life, livability, diversity and vibrancy of our community.

Priority is given to major cultural, civic and health organizations that serve a broad audience and stimulate the vitality of the community.

Deadlines and notification

Grant proposals must be received by the deadlines shown here. You will be informed in writing on the status of your grant request as follows.

Grant proposal receipt deadlines Written notification
February 1 April
June 1 August

October 1


The Securian Financial Foundation reserves the right to suspend, change, revoke or terminate this program at any time.

Funding strategy

We will favor programs that:

  • Most closely match the Foundation's priorities and show demonstrated results
  • Do not duplicate or overlap programs of other agencies
  • Meet important needs not otherwise met
  • Provide services to a broad public sector
  • Address underlying causes or issues, rather than treating symptoms
  • Have generated substantial support from other sources

Geographic focus

Grants are generally directed to organizations that contribute directly to the health and vitality of the corporate headquarters community and the state of Minnesota. Contributions to out-of-state or national organizations will be considered only if they strongly enhance the Securian Foundation's mission and priorities.

Types of funding

  • General operating support
  • Capital campaigns for building purchase or renovation and technology upgrades are considered on their individual merits including:
    • Thoughtful planning by the organization
    • Demonstration that its future constituency justifies expansion
    • Demonstration that increased operating costs due to the expansion can be met from revenues generated by the organization, without additional appeals to the Foundation
    • Demonstration of significant support
  • Project or pilot program support where the organization has generated substantial support from other sources


In order to maintain focus and achieve greater impact, and in some areas due to federal law, the Foundation does not make grants in the following areas:

  • Political, lobbying or fraternal activities
  • Start-up funding for new organizations
  • Religious organizations for denominational or religious purposes
  • Organizations that do not have tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Fundraising events, benefits, sponsorships or advertising support
  • Individuals or individual scholarships
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Athletic, recreation or sports-related organizations
  • Services traditionally supported by government agencies
  • International organizations
  • Trips or tours
  • Funding for hospitals or other health care services generally supported by third party mechanisms (hospitals, however, are eligible for matching gifts)
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops or symposiums
  • Public and private K-12 schools (however, schools are eligible for matching gifts)

Other foundation contributions

In addition to grant funding, the Securian Foundation offers two other contribution programs.

Matching gift

The Securian Financial Foundation will match gifts by Securian employees, retirees and board members to most 501(c)3 organizations.

Securian Financial retirees and board members may request a match by downloading the Matching Gift application (pdf) and following the instructions.

Volunteer Plus

This program recognizes Securian Financial employee and retiree volunteerism by donating $100 to eligible nonprofit organizations where employees/retirees provide significant volunteerism.

Securian Financial retirees may request a volunteer grant by downloading the Volunteer Plus application (pdf) and following the instructions.

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