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“Breathe easier” marketing campaign raised awareness and benefited the environment

Securian Financial’s marketing campaign “Breathe easier” not only helped us build awareness and consideration for our supplemental health products, it also provided the perfect opportunity to contribute to sustainability efforts.

To tie into the “Breathe easier” theme and the ease of doing business with us, Bissell air purifiers were delivered to brokers who represent Securian Financial in the marketplace. “We decided on this theme and to send air purifiers as it is timely with today's climate environment, and wildfires were raging at the time on the West Coast,” explained Molly Reger, Securian Financial marketing consultant.

The issue of indoor air quality lent itself to helping with overall air quality and climate health with donations to sustainability focused organizations.

Lydia Jilek, practice leader, Voluntary and Life Benefits noted that, “One of our core values as an organization is that we care about others. When we unveiled the enhancements to our supplemental health suite of products, which help employers and employees breathe easy, there was a natural opportunity to extend that promise to our larger community.”

Impactful environmental donations

Securian Financial made donations to two organizations that planted trees. Our donation to the Arbor Day Foundation supported planting 14,000 trees overall — 10,000 trees in the American Southeast and 4,000 trees in the American Pacific West.

Our donation to the National Forest Foundation was made to the foundation’s critically important unrestricted funds that allow them to respond to projects when and where it’s needed most. These funds increase the sustainability of programs and support various initiatives, including wildfire mitigation, watershed protection, habitat restoration, and climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration.

“I'm proud we were able to align donations that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, helping clear the air, even just a little bit, for both present and future generations,” Lydia said.

Strengthening our communities

“I think all of this culminates in helping move forward our sustainability efforts as an organization. It speaks volumes of where we invest our money and helping to give back and invest in the future,” Reger said.

Sustainability has long been a part of Securian’s culture and business model. Our approach to contributing to a healthy environment is an extension of our purpose of building secure tomorrows — and working towards a greener future.

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The importance of trees

  • Trees hold soil in place and prevent runoff, keeping waterways clean for the millions of residents who depend on them for drinking water. They also support groundwater levels and healthy rainfall patterns. 
  • With water a dwindling resource in the West, forest restoration is critical to that solution.
  • Western states are among the most vulnerable to climate change. As temperatures grow hotter, trees act as guardians, providing cooling shade and lowering daytime summer temperatures by up to 10 degrees. 

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