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What’s in it for you?

Competitive and equitable pay

Our associates enjoy cash compensation that is competitive with similarly sized companies in the Twin Cities, and we pay for performance.

We also offer a comprehensive benefits package that enhances an associate’s salary by about 40 percent.

Valuable benefits

Securian’s competitive benefits programs add value to our compensation packages.

Health care

Full- and part-time associates are eligible to enroll in Securian’s medical, dental and vision plans.

Securian covers a large portion of your medical and dental premiums and you benefit by paying premiums pre-tax at group rates for all insurance coverage.


Securian offers both a 401(k) and defined benefit retirement plan, a rarity in today’s marketplace.

Performance share plan – A unique plan that combines a 401(k) plan with profit sharing. Your contributions are supplemented by the annual profit sharing distribution from the company. Securian has made profit sharing distributions to associates every year since 1974 – including during the financial crisis of the late 2000s.

You may choose to have the full amount go to your 401(k) or you may receive half of the annual distribution as cash compensation with the other half paid as a lump-sum contribution to your 401(k).

You receive profit sharing regardless of whether you choose to contribute personally to your 401(k).

Retirement/pension plan – A defined benefit plan funded entirely by Securian that provides a monthly payment after retirement. Your benefit amount is based on your salary at retirement and the number of years you served the company.

Paid time off

Securian offers a generous amount of paid vacation, personal and holiday time off to help you maintain work-life balance.


During your year of hire, you receive a pro-rated amount of vacation time. On January 1 after your hire date, you receive 11 days of vacation time. You receive an additional day of vacation each of your first five years at Securian and earn even more the longer you stay with the company.

Personal time

You also receive 10 days of personal time every year, which you may use any way you choose. You may roll over up to 15 days of personal time to a new year, allowing you to build up a bank of up to 25 days in total.

Other benefits

A few of the other benefits available include:

  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance for you and your family
  • Extended illness/short-term disability coverage
  • Long-term disability coverage
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Discounted Metro Transit fares
  • Financial counseling program

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