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Remote selling resources

Engaging customers while conducting business remotely

Boost your remote presenting

Video calls and virtual meetings have become the new normal for corresponding with clients.

Our video resource library includes helpful guidance to help you present like a pro, including:

  • Background, audio, and lighting considerations
  • Incorporating stories and addressing differing client communication styles
  • How to establish trust when you can’t be face-to-face

Beginning virtual meetings

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Help clients feel comfortable during a virtual meeting by setting up a professional setting for your conversation and beginning with a human connection. 

How stories work 

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Numbers and logic have limited persuasion power for clients. Learn different types of story styles to help clients see themselves in the services you have to offer.

Client communication 

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Bring your virtual presentations to life by identifying your clients’ communication styles and how to connect with them.

Gaining trust

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Your clients are taking in as much from the way you talk as what you are saying. Learn how to use your voice and body language to convey yourself as professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Clarifying complexity

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Keep clients engaged in complex financial topics by utilizing concepts and analogies to aid their understanding.

Using visual aids

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Using visual aids effectively during virtual meetings can help improve clients' comprehension and lead to a more productive conversation.

Hybrid meetings: mechanics

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Learn three important set-up tips for hosting meetings where some clients are in the room with you, and others are attending virtually.

Hybrid meetings: organization

David Mann, story and messaging specialist

Content needs vary when some clients are in the room with you and others are attending virtually. Learn how to organize an engaging hybrid meeting that meets the needs of all attendees.

Tips and tricks for your virtual meetings

Jim Cunningham, actor and sports host

This helpful video explains how to increase your digital meeting professionalism and effectiveness through optimal laptop and keylight positioning, audio and background considerations, and professional remote presenting tips.

Contact-free tools streamline submitting new business

Securian Financial is here for you when digital is the answer, with capabilities that allow you to help provide clients with the solutions they need — even if you can’t always meet face-to-face.

Submitting new life insurance business

From application, to underwriting, to policy delivery, we offer the opportunity for a completely contact-free process.

View life insurance new business details

Submitting new annuity business

A request form for personalized illustrations and Automated Order Entry provide helpful remote solutions.

View annuity new business details

Submitting new SecureCare business

A customized online application and electronic policy delivery simplify the new business process.

View SecureCare new business details

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Life insurance

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