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Uncompromising service. Exceeding expectations.

Securian Financial helps make life easier. Uncompromising service that goes above and beyond your expectations is what we do. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for exceptional service, and we’re not too humble to brag about it.

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Memorable service when it matters most to employees

At the end of the day, we're here to take care of employees and beneficiaries through seamless claims and evidence of insurability processes.

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Employers’ needs are the top priority

A successful implementation and advanced reporting helps position your clients in a place of strength with Securian Financial.

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Service enabled by leading-edge technology

From implementation to employee engagement to ongoing support, our tools and strategic partners help make life easier.

An easy way to learn more

Contact our sales team to dig deeper into any of these topics and learn how we can better support your clients.

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Memorable service when it matters most to employees

Life and AD&D claims

Years of experience and a collaborative culture allow us to process claims with a high-touch, personalized approach. In addition to compassionate, timely service, we offer:

Streamlined claims submission process

  • Fast track payment without death certificate for qualifying claims up to $100,000
  • Photograph of the death certificate accepted
  • Complete claim form online for faster payment

Multiple benefit distribution options

Flexible choices
  • Through a  physical check or direct deposit into a beneficiary’s personal checking or savings account
  • Through a Legacy Account — a fee-free interest-earning account designed to provide a beneficiary with time and flexibility to make informed decisions about their insurance payment
    • Earns two percent interest guaranteed
    • Easy access to funds when the beneficiary is ready to take action
Express assignment service
  • Securian Financial works directly with the funeral home or lending agency for final expense reimbursement, removing the burden from the beneficiary
  • Same-day claim review and phone call back to validate funeral home assignment
  • Other forms of rush payment are also an option (e.g., direct deposit or overnight check)
Cash advance solution
  • Securian Financial works directly with the beneficiary to provide prompt financial assistance during a difficult time
  • Cash advance options on a death benefit up to $25,000
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Life claims quick facts

  • 99% satisfied with our group claims process1
  • 99% of death claims were paid within 10 calendar days2
  • 2.8 days on average to claim determination2

Supplemental health claims ​

Our digital claims process provides a streamlined experience for employees. Ensuring they use their benefits is a top priority. ​

Simplified claims process​

Employees can easily file claims digitally and maximize their benefit payout with a streamlined process requiring less documentation.

  • Our proactive approach ensures employees get all the benefits they’re eligible for; we look across product lines — and file claims for all applicable policies
  • Automatically paying out all applicable benefits according to the initial documentation, helps ensure all claims are paid as quickly as possible​

Claims integration ​

Medical claims integration, powered by Reclaim, allows employers and employees to opt into a solution that alerts Securian Financial when a medical claim is submitted.4

  • Data found in the medical claim is used to automatically identify and process other claim‐eligible supplemental health coverages

Employees experience greater benefit utilization with less touch time.

Automated health and wellness benefit ​

This benefit makes it even easier for employees and their families to maximize their plan utilization. Most health and wellness claims are paid within 24 hours of receipt of the insured’s name and date of birth. ​

Proactive labor and delivery hospital claims​

Securian Financial offers the industry-leading benefit of proactively paying the hospital indemnity claim for routine labor and delivery once the birthing parent reaches 36 weeks gestation. Both the initial and daily benefits will be paid for a three-day stay. Longer stays are eligible for additional benefits. ​

Simplified evidence of insurability (EOI)

The EOI process should be crystal clear. That’s why Securian Financial offers a fully managed EOI service that provides employees a simple, secure, and convenient process, including electronic signature.

Contact-free medical underwriting

Through expanded digital medical data, 99% of applicants don’t require an in-person medical underwriting exam.5

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Supplemental health claims quick facts

  • Health and wellness claims paid in 1 day3
  • Accident, hospital, critical illness claims paid in 1 ½ days3

Employers' needs are the top priority

Plan implementation

Nobody manages complex implementations quite like Securian Financial.

A successful implementation ensures alignment from the start and helps position your clients in a place of strength when transitioning to Securian Financial. 

And while we strive for smooth sailing, when surprises do come up, we’re ready to be nimble and pivot. No one takes change in stride quite like our implementation team. They put the process to work for your clients.

A flexible approach allows clients to choose the communication that works best for them during the implementation process:

  • Regular reviews and interactions
  • Suggestions and recommendations
  • Benefits enrollment platform or third-party administrator (TPA) involvement

Don’t just take our word for it, 98 percent of our clients are satisfied with their implementation experience.6

Advanced reporting

Custom life and supplemental health plan utilization reporting helps your clients get the most value out of their plan. Reporting information can be leveraged to:

  • Adjust your client’s product mix to provide the best protection
  • Make communication recommendations using data and analytics to increase plan participation and utilization

Service enabled by leading-edge technology

You understand your clients and know the important role technology can play to make the benefits experience easier.

Digital tools make a difference

Explore our dynamic suite of tools to see how we can serve our mutual clients in a virtual environment, both at enrollment and all year long.

Learn more

Solutions and support beyond enrollment

Learn how we engage employees to help them understand their benefits.

Explore strategies

Strategic partnerships add value to relationships

Read how our relationships create an even deeper lineup of benefits administration platform partners and better support your clients.

Strategic partners

1. Securian Financial Customer and Channel Partner Insights, Service Scorecard, Relationship, December 2022.  

2. As of December 2022. Statistics reflect entire group insurance business of Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company.

3. As of December 2022. Statistics reflect entire group insurance business of Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company.

4. Reclaim: Services provided by Reclaim are their sole responsibility. Reclaim is not affiliated with Securian Financial and its services may be discontinued at any time. Certain terms, conditions and restrictions may apply when utilizing the services.

5. Based on Securian Financial's underwriting data as of November 2023.

6. Securian Financial Customer and Channel Partner Insights, overall satisfaction 2018-2022.

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