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Because family is your most valuable asset

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball. While you can’t necessarily plan for everything that may happen to you or your family, you can take steps be prepared. Read on to learn more about how insurance can help protect you and your family from the unexpected.

Insuring millennial moms and dads

Life insurance is important for millennial families with young children. Read about steps to take to get over hurdles and make decisions for your family.

Learning to cope with a critical illness

A critical illness diagnosis can come as a shock, but there are ways to plan, cope and thrive. Get a prescription for information and learn more.

Mind the GAP: When to consider guaranteed asset protection for your loan

Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) coverage protects the investment you made in your car. Read about GAP and who should consider it.

Life insurance FAQs

Understanding the ins and outs of life insurance can be a challenge. Here are some simple answers to the most common questions about life insurance.

Naming a life insurance beneficiary

Choosing a beneficiary for your life insurance can be confusing. Learn who you can name as a beneficiary, how to change your beneficiary, and more.

Term life insurance vs. permanent life insurance

There are two types of life insurance, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Learn the difference between and which might be right for you.

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance isn’t as complicated or expensive as people think. Here are five excellent reasons to buy life insurance now and stop procrastinating.

4 alternative ways to pay for long-term care

Medicare and other government programs only cover part of long-term care costs. See alternatives to ensure you can get the care you want where you want it.

Long-term care and government benefits: What you need to know

Medicare and Medicaid are the main government programs that provide varying long-term care benefits, but they may not cover all your expenses. Learn why.

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