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Legacy Account™

Helping beneficiaries focus on what matters now

Making important financial decisions after a loss can be overwhelming. The flexibility a Legacy Account offers may help lessen that stress and provide time to focus on healing.  

A Legacy Account is an interest-earning account designed to provide time and space for beneficiaries to make informed decisions about their insurance payment. Beneficiaries are invited to take advantage of a Legacy Account when a life insurance claim is paid.

How it works

When selected, a Legacy Account is established with the funds from a life insurance claim of $10,000 or more.

While not a bank account, a Legacy Account has several features and gives you full control over the money.

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Legacy Account features

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Time to decide

Have the freedom to carefully consider how best to use your insurance payment, and make decisions when you're ready.

If you don’t need to use your funds right away, this account provides time for you to decide on your financial plan. Plus, it keeps the funds separate from a checking account that you may use for day-to-day transactions — helping you be more intentional with how you use it. 

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Earns daily interest

While you take the necessary time to reflect, your funds continue to grow with a daily interest rate that is higher than most savings accounts. The chart below shows the current interest crediting rate. This feature ensures that your money works for you.

Our interest crediting rates are competitive

Historical interest rates
Historical interest crediting rates


Graph source: Bloomberg. The National Money Market Average account is shown by the ILSANAVG Index. March 28, 2024.

The National Average Money Market Account is comparable to an average savings account crediting rate.1

Your rate of interest may change over time and all account holders will receive a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 0.05% annually2. This means your interest rate will not go below 0.05% annually.

Historical interest rates

Years Legacy Account National Average Money Market Account
Dec. 31, 2021 0.50% 0.22%
Dec. 31, 2022 0.50% 0.34%
March 28, 2024 2.00% 0.48%

The National Average Money Market Account is comparable to an average savings account crediting rate.

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Backed by Securian Financial’s strength

Supported by the financial stability of Securian Financial, you can have peace of mind knowing your funds are held securely by a trusted institution, offering a small sense of stability in an uncertain time.  

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Easy access to funds

Your funds are available to you immediately after setup, keeping your money safe, secure, and easy to access when you're ready. You can write drafts (which function like a check), transfer or withdraw funds at any time. Or, leave the funds in the account and watch them grow over time.

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No monthly fees

Rest assured, there are no monthly service or maintenance fees associated with your account. We believe in transparency and want you to have full control of your funds3.  See the Legacy Account Supplemental Contract for full account details.

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Legacy Account™ Supplemental Contract (pdf, 03/01/2024)
Beneficiary checklist (pdf, 05/29/2024)

1. "Money market account vs. savings account: What's the difference?" Bankrate, March 24, 2023.

2. The interest rate credited may be adjusted monthly based on a variety of variable economic factors including, but not limited to, prevailing market rates for short-term demand deposit accounts, bank money market rates and Federal Reserve interest rates.

3. There are no fees for standard transactions. You may be charged the following fees for special services or overdrawing your account: overdrawn account $15, stop payment $12, extra copies of draft or statement $2, overnight delivery $15. Fees are subject to change at any time.

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