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Making your work easier

Securian Connector is a behind-the-scenes, real-time integration between the Temenos Infinity Collections module and our claims data. Each day there’s an automatic upload of all open Securian Financial claims status and payment information into the credit union’s collections system, eliminating the need to log into eServices separately. There are multiple benefits to the credit union and members for implementing the connector.

Securian Connector benefits

Saves time

  • Eliminates duplicate information entry – reduce manual entry errors
  • Don’t have to log into a separate portal
  • Up-to-date claim status information at their finger tips
  • Initiate new claims directly from the collections system 

Saves resources 

  • No additional cost to credit union 
  • Facilitates easy reporting on claims portfolio 

Benefits for your members

  • Quicker response to claims inquiries - front-line team can answer member claim status inquiries quickly and directly, rather than needing to refer questions back to office staff and wait for answers.
  • Potentially faster claims processing

Talk to us about the Securian Connector

Learn more about how the Securian Connector and our credit protection options can work for you.

Get in touch with us or contact Lisa Dutton.


How the Securian Connector works

Man talking on phone at kitchen table during breakfast

Barry, a borrower at Star Financial Credit Union, has recently become unemployed.

  • He currently has a Securian Financial protection plan in place to cover his auto loan should his income be interrupted.
  • He calls his local branch and speaks with Cisco, the assistant manager at Star Financial, to initiate the claim process. 

With Barry's account open in the workspace, Cisco clicks the “Screens” tab (left navigation panel) and selects the “Securian Claims” screen. 

  • Cisco then clicks “New Claim” to start the claim creation process.
  • He enters any information that has not already been populated and clicks “Submit.” 
  • The “Securian Claims Import” process transmits the claims to Securian Financial. 

A few days later, Barry contacts Cisco to check on the claim. 

  • Cisco returns to the “Securian Claims” screen with Barry's account open in the workspace.
  • The system makes a real-time call to Securian Financial and the claim details populate within the “Securian Claim Tracking” screen. 

He informs Barry his claim has been received and the claim's status is open and active.

How to get the Connector

It’s really pretty simple. For credit unions that offer Securian credit insurance or debt protection programs, the Securian Connector is available as part of the Temenos’ version 20 release for their Infinity Collections. Temenos Collection customers are able to upgrade themselves with instruction guides available from Temenos at no cost! Or if customers need some help upgrading, they can reach out to Temenos to schedule an upgrade project with their dedicated professional service team, fees will be associated with a Temenos assisted upgrade project.

Once the credit union completes the upgrade to version 20, customers can access the Securian Connector guide in the Temenos Client Portal and let us know when they are ready to activate the connector. There is a bit of work for Securian behind the scenes but there is no heavy lifting for the credit union beyond completing the upgrade to Infinity Collections version 20 or higher.

About Temenos

Temenos is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with their North American headquarters located in Malvern, PA. Temenos is recognized by multiple market experts as a leader in banking software, helping over 3,000 clients in more than 150 countries innovate and accelerate their digital transformation by offering proven implementation strategies and technologies.

Securian Financial’s credit protection program

Not a current Securian Financial credit protection client? Not a problem, we would love to tell you more. 

When you work with Securian Financial for your credit protection needs you get:

  • A superior customer experience 
    • Deep commitment to understand our customer’s needs at time of claim
    • Omni channel service model, including digital solutions, satisfactory to the client and to ensure interactions with customers on their terms
    • High touch service from designated team of customer service representatives and examining specialists 
  • Concierge-level service
    • Regularly meet or exceed goal of 95% of claims paid in less than 10 days
    • YTD call answering speed average of 21 seconds

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