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  • November 17, 2022

    Snapshot: November 2022 Edition

    Attracting and retaining top talent has continued to be an organizational imperative for most companies throughout 2022. Now, more than ever, job candidates are scrutinizing everything a company has to offer in the way of benefits. It’s not uncommon for employees to quickly jump to another company to snag coverage that aligns with their family needs.

  • October 17, 2022

    Snapshot: October 2022 Edition

    Critical illness insurance demand is growing 16 percent annually. See how coverage has expanded to provide more value to employees.

  • September 15, 2022

    Snapshot: September 2022 Edition

    This year, many companies will spend more time and effort engaging the generation of youngest employees, who are quickly emerging as a group that wants to learn more about life insurance and why they need it. Meet Gen Z or Zoomers – young people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s.1

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Group insurance trends to watch in 2022

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Securian Financial offers our top trends for 2022 for life, accident, hospital indemnity and critical illness insurance.

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Digital acceleration benefits carriers and customers

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The accelerated onset of new and innovative digital capabilities is a silver lining of the pandemic — especially within group insurance. Learn how these advancements will help carriers not only keep up with competitors but also offer an even better customer experience for their employer clients.

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The 5-step benefits enrollment journey

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We’ve identified a five-step benefits enrollment journey map. The results of this research gives benefits managers and other stakeholders insights into how to improve employee benefits communication and critical enrollment benefits processes.

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Personal preference: Three employee approaches to benefits enrollment

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In this white paper, we share the details of three distinct employee personas that emerged from the data’s analysis and how the personas were validated by Securian Financial’s independent Employer Advisory Board of benefits leaders from across the United States.

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What’s next? Strategies, tactics and tips to enhance benefits enrollment

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In the conclusion to this white paper series, we summarize how benefits managers can use this data to create personalized strategies to improve communication and engagement with employees during benefits enrollment.

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The beneficiary experience

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Part 1: Anticipating ‘top-of-mind’ questions and setting clear expectations curb anxiety from the start

In the first part of our two-part series, we examine the research conducted on our behalf with participants across the country and identify a range of feelings beneficiaries experience throughout the life insurance claims journey — from pre-claim, to claim and finally claim payout.

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The beneficiary experience

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Part 2: Tailored communication and support can improve the claims experience for everyone

In the second part of our series, we look into the opportunities employers have to tailor communication and support their employees, beneficiaries and their advocates — which can improve the overall claims experience for all stakeholders, including benefits administrators.

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The case for comprehensive financial wellness benefits


The link between financial wellness and productivity.

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