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Employee enrollment and engagement

A successful plan starts with employee communication and engagement

After implementation, our five-pillar employee engagement strategy can help increase employee engagement — and plan health:

  1. Data analytics with our Secure Insights™ tool
  2. Customized marketing targeted to employee segments
  3. Decision support (Benefit Scout® guidance tool)
  4. Optimal enrollment best practices
  5. Post-enrollment optimization using Secure Insights
Employee enrollment engagement strategy infographic

Data analytics: Plan design and optimization with Secure Insights

Our Secure Insights tool, developed in collaboration with LIMRA, will analyze the employee population annually to identify opportunities and optimize participation to achieve the plan’s full potential.

  • Help you understand gaps in employee coverage

  • Identify target employee segments that need the most protection

  • Provide plan design recommendations

  • Offer Financial Wellness 360® solutions to help employees feel more financially secure

Learn about Secure Insights

Customized marketing: the right message at the right time

We work to understand the needs and characteristics of your employees and collaborate with you to develop the right combination of communication tools, beginning at initial enrollment and lasting throughout our relationship.

We utilize your employees’ preferred channels to deliver clear, relevant messaging that communicates the value of your benefit program. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Personalized printed communications, enrollment kits/booklets, direct mail and plan materials
  • E-mail, social media content, videos and on-demand presentations
  • An interactive benefit fair experience, including a customized landing page with interactive elements and webcast hosting of live and on-demand webinars  
  • Virtual staff support to present webinars, answer enrollment questions or moderate employee engagement events
  • A suite of self-service, digital engagement tools and educational resources that can be integrated into most enrollment experiences

Solutions and support beyond open enrollment

Our digital capabilities can help serve employers and employees in a virtual environment.

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Employee decision-support tool: Benefit Scout

Benefit Scout is an interactive, digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to help guide employees through the decision process. The result is less guesswork for employees and fewer questions for human resources staff. 

Learn about Benefit Scout

Enrollment best practices

We must view enrollment as a time of action, not education. Education is a year-long effort that happens outside of the enrollment period. Our strategy helps create an ideal enrollment environment, including effectively collaborating with benefit enrollment platforms to bring holistic experiences that serve you best.

Our technology platform relationships make implementation easy and seamless for your clients. This is supported by pre-established integrations and best practices. This results in streamlined processes and simplified enrollment.

When we administer your plan, employees use our self-service website to enroll and manage their coverage, choose beneficiaries, and view and change their premium amounts.

Engage employees during enrollment

Interactive tools help employees plan  

How employees handle the mountain information they receive when it's time to enroll in workplace benefits can greatly affect their experience. Knowing their planning personality can help them navigate the information that matters most. Give it a try. Answer seven questions to learn your planning personality — and discover tips to help you navigate the information onslaught. 

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Post-enrollment optimization

After every enrollment – new hire, annual enrollment or an off-cycle effort — we assess the journey and begin the cycle again. We will annually evaluate your plan and participation with our Secure Insights™ tool and make adjustments for the following year. 

We’re constantly striving to make the enrollment experience and plan participation better year-over-year for you and your employees.

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