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A.M. Best

A.M. Best, the oldest rating agency, has reported on the financial condition of insurance companies since 1899. Our A+ rating, the second highest of Best's 16 categories, is assigned to companies which have achieved superior overall performance when compared to the norms of the life and health insurance industry. We have received Best's "Superior" rating for more than 50 years. Listed below are the 16 ratings A.M. Best uses.

A++ Superior
A+ Superior – Our rating
A Excellent
A- Excellent
B++ Good
B+ Good
B Fair
B- Fair
C++ Marginal
C+ Marginal
C Weak
C- Weak
D Poor
E Under Regulatory Supervision
F In Liquidation
S Rating Suspended


Fitch has evaluated the claims-paying ability of life, health, property casualty, bond and annuity insurers since 1986. Our AA rating is their third highest of 19 ratings.

AAA Exceptionally Strong
AA+ Very Strong
AA Very Strong – Our rating
AA- Very Strong
A+ Strong
A Strong
A- Strong
BBB+ Good
BBB Good
BBB- Good
BB+ Moderately Weak
BB Moderately Weak
BB- Moderately Weak
B+ Weak
B Weak
B- Weak
CCC Very Weak
CC Very Weak
C Very Weak


Moody’s Investors Service started in the bond rating business in 1904, and began offering insurance financial strength ratings in 1986. Our Aa3 rating is Moody’s fourth highest of 21 ratings.

Aaa Exceptional
Aa1 Excellent
Aa2 Excellent
Aa3 Excellent – Our rating
A1 Good
A2 Good
A3 Good
Baa1 Adequate
Baa2 Adequate
Baa3 Adequate
Ba1 Questionable
Ba2 Questionable
Ba3 Questionable
B1 Poor
B2 Poor
B3 Poor
Caa1 Very Poor
Caa2 Very Poor
Caa3 Very Poor
Ca Extremely Poor
C Lowest

Standard & Poor’s

Standard & Poor’s, which has rated the financial strength and credit quality of debt issues for over 50 years, began publicly rating insurance companies in 1983. Our AA- rating is their fourth highest of 21 ratings.

AAA Extremely Strong
AA+ Very Strong
AA Very Strong
AA- Very Strong – Our rating
A+ Strong
A Strong
A- Strong
BBB+ Good
BBB Good
BBB- Good
BB+ Marginal
BB Marginal
BB- Marginal
B+ Weak
B Weak
B- Weak
CCC+ Very Weak
CCC Very Weak
CCC- Very Weak
CC Extremely Weak
R Regulatory Action