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Be You. With us.

"What does it mean to be you with us?" – Patrick’s story

Meet Patrick - Only with the most diversity will we solicit the best ideas. This has always been key to me as I grew up in the military with a varied group of people from all levels of society.

Be You. With Us.

We’re a bright-thinking, hard-working team focused on growth with purpose. And with large company resources and a small company feel, it means each of us is a name, not a number. Here, every voice matters.

Meet Michelle Ongaro

“Acceptance starts with letting people in and asking for support. If you don’t clearly communicate what you need, how can anyone support you? You are your strongest advocate.”

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Meet Chidi Ohammah

“I have the ability and opportunity to create something out of ideas or from scratch and the ability to pull resources together to bring that idea to life.”

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Meet Sarah Oxley

“I’m in learning mode right now. I’ve made a conscious effort to think about where the gaps in my knowledge are and narrow those gaps.”

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Meet Fiona Brand

"I want to leave a legacy for my daughter. I want to be able to say I played a role in cultivating a safe space for her to be her authentic self wherever she goes."

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Meet Charles King

"I’m here to help. I want to bring as many of us veterans and service persons together as possible. I want veterans to know that there is still a supportive community for vets outside of the war zone."

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Meet Jessica Li

“There’s so much to be learned from people of different walks of life, different religious backgrounds, and different cultures than our own.”

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The listed associates are Securian Financial employees, and thus have a financial connection to Securian Financial. Their statements were given freely.

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