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Guaranteed income for your clients, today and tomorrow

IncomeToday! is a Single Payment Immediate Annuity (SPIA) that can provide a guaranteed fixed income stream that can’t be outlived. IncomeToday! offers flexibility through a feature called the Advance Withdrawal Benefit, which allows clients to take a one-time advance on a portion of their future income when a Period Certain income option is selected.


IncomeToday! highlights

  • A range of income choices and guarantees to meet client needs
  • Protection from market ups and downs
  • Freedom for your clients to invest the balance of their portfolio more aggressively
  • Additional access through the Advance Withdrawal Benefit

More about the Advance Withdrawal Benefit

Offer your clients flexibility in a fixed immediate annuity

This feature provides a one-time advance on a portion of a client’s future income stream. Clients have the freedom and flexibility to use it as they choose: for travel, health-related expenses, a financial emergency — it’s up to them.

It is available with any Period Certain payout option, but a Life option with Period Certain is even more optimal because payout amounts decrease only for the years remaining in the Period Certain.

See it in action on a Life with Period Certain (10 years) income option

Income Today one time account withdrawal impact on income

In this example, once the guaranteed period is over, in the eleventh year annual payments jump back up for the remainder of the client’s life — to the payment level as if no withdrawal had been taken.

This is a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only. It is not indicative of any particular investment or guarantee of future performance.

Product details

Product details

Issue age maximum

90 for either owner and/or annuitant

Purchase payment

  • Minimum: $25,000
  • Maximum: $2 million without prior company approval


  • Non-Qualified
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA

Income guarantee

Guarantee an income that can’t be outlived, or guarantee income for a certain time period

Annuity Income Options

Single life options

  • Life Only
  • Life with Period Certain (5-30 years)
  • Life with Cash Refund
  • Life with Installment Refund

Joint life options

You may select the percentage (%) to continue upon the death of the first individual (100%, 66.67%, 50%)

  • Joint Life only
  • Joint Life with Period Certain (5-30 years)

Period certain (5-30 years based on availability)

Income frequency

Available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

Payment dates

1st – 27th of the month. The initial income payment will be one payment frequency from contract issue unless otherwise requested

Method of payment

Convenient EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) will send payments directly to the client’s bank account

Advance Withdrawal Benefit

The Advance Withdrawal Benefit is available with Annuity Income Options that include a period certain guarantee.

Under the Advance Withdrawal Benefit, clients may take a one-time withdrawal at any time prior to the end of the guaranteed period certain. The amount available for withdrawal is 25%-75% of the Withdrawal Value (present value of the remaining income payments in the Period Certain). The minimum withdrawal is $1,000.

A withdrawal will reduce the amount of the annuity income payment for the remainder of the period certain. The reduction will be in direct proportion to the percentage of the withdrawal to the Withdrawal Value.

If a fixed Period Certain only option is selected, the income payments will stop at the end of the guaranteed period. If a Single or Joint Life option with a Period Certain is selected, the income payment amount at the end of the guaranteed period will return to the amount that would normally have been paid as if no withdrawal was made.

Beneficiary protection

Death benefits vary by the Annuity Income Option selected

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IncomeToday! is a single payment immediate annuity. The guarantees in IncomeToday! are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Clients should thoroughly review the contract for specific details of the product features and costs.

Income payments and withdrawals from immediate annuities are generally taxable as ordinary income in the year in which taken. When purchased as part of an IRA or other qualified plan, the IRA or qualified plan already provides tax deferral of earnings and the annuity contract does not provide any additional tax deferred treatment of earnings. Withdrawals taken from a qualified plan prior to age 59½ may incur a 10% federal tax penalty. This information should not be considered tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor regarding your own tax situation.

Some products and features may not be available in all states and features may vary by state. Not all products, features and optional benefits are available from all firms. Please consult with your firm before providing any products/services or materials listed here.

Keep in mind that the Annuity Income Option, Frequency and Payment Dates cannot be changed once elected. Availability of some Period Certain durations may be limited.

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