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Doing business with Securian Financial is simple

LPL financial professionals have a clear track

We know your time is valuable, so we want to make the selling process as straightforward as possible. Use these resources for selling and submitting annuity business to Securian Financial.

No one likes business surprises

Find out how we'll process your next case.


Submitting new business

Just a handful of steps and you’re on your way to your first sale.

Number one

Register for our financial professional website

It only takes five minutes — before you know it you’ll have access to forms, illustrations and servicing tools right at your fingertips.

Register for website access

Log in

Number two

Log in to run illustrations and access forms

Once in our full financial professional site:

Number three

Take product training

If you're selling in a state that requires product-specific training, you must complete our training prior to selling any annuities.

Complete training at Quest CE

Number four

Get appointed to sell our annuities

Before you can sell, you need to be in our licensing system. Think you may already be appointed? Check your licensing status.

Learn more about the appointment process below.

Get an illustration for your next case

You can run an illustration yourself, or let us help you! Give your sales team a call to talk through how one of our annuities might help you close your next case. Be sure to create a login at our financial professional website before running your own illustration.

Request illustration

Get appointed

You must be appointed by Minnesota Life Insurance Company and/or Securian Life Insurance Company in order to sell our annuities. Minnesota Life Insurance Company issues our annuities in all states except New York. In New York, products are issued by Securian Life Insurance Company, a New York authorized insurer.

To get appointed, please provide the following:

Forward your completed appointment form and supporting documents to your broker-dealer. After they have authorized the appointment request, they should mail or fax the paperwork to Securian Financial.

General licensing guidelines

Any individual soliciting insurance products must be licensed and appointed as follows:

  • in the state where the broker resides,
  • in the state where the contract owner resides, and
  • in the state where the contract owner signs the application.

Pre-appointment states

Minnesota Life issues products in the following states currently classified as a pre-appointment states:

  • Pennsylvania — an appointment must be approved before first solicitation occurs for all products.
  • Wisconsin — an appointment must be approved before solicitation of annuity and long-term care products (this includes life insurance products with long-term care features of Life products that have the LTC Agreement).

Applications received that are signed prior to the financial professional's appointment effective date in these states will not be accepted and will be returned.

Concurrent submission states

All others states are considered concurrent submission states. These states do not require a financial professional to be appointed prior to submitting the first contract application to the issuing company.

If we receive completed appointment paperwork at the same time an application is submitted and we determine that our primary appointment criteria has been met, we will begin our review of the application and file a notice of appointment.

For brokers contracting with us, please note that any assignee must be licensed in the assignee's resident state.

Want to access our secure financial professional website? It only takes a few minutes.

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