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Single again

Preparing for your new normal

No one plans for this. It’s going to be a difficult transition – mentally, emotionally and financially. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Going from married to single, you probably have a ton of financial questions.

If you have a divorce settlement or life insurance benefits, what’s a wise thing to do with the money? If your spouse handled the finances previously, how do you build and keep a budget on your own income? If you’ve been preparing for a retirement for two, how do you adjust your plans for one?

A financial advisor has the expertise and experience to help you build a sound financial strategy that works for your new life.

Topics to discuss with your advisor

  • Reevaluate your budget, lifestyle, housing and cash flow
  • Compare current income to expenses
  • Review your life, health and long term disability insurance needs
  • Choose new beneficiaries for your life insurance policies and retirement plans
  • Assess your retirement needs and adjust your savings plan
  • Evaluate asset allocation and diversification


DOFU 7-2017

Let a financial advisor help you adjust.

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