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Nearing retirement

The culmination of careful planning

You’re in your prime earning years and you’ve worked hard to build and save a nest egg. With your big day approaching, you’re wondering what details you should be considering as you think about how you will manage your income in retirement.

How much can you count on from Social Security and when should you start withdrawing? How much will health care cost? Should your investment profile become more conservative?

A financial advisor can answer these and many other questions to help ensure you’re able to live the retirement you want and deserve.

Topics to discuss with your advisor

  • Revise retirement strategy, budget and mortgage payments
  • Review cash flow needs
  • Create retirement income management strategy
  • Consider long-term health care planning and funding
  • Review life insurance needs and consider estate planning wishes
  • Evaluate asset allocation and diversification


DOFU 12-2016

Manage your income carefully; talk to a financial advisor.

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