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Building your family

More people, more financial considerations

As your family and your responsibilities grow, life couldn’t get any busier – but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’ve made the decision to stay home with the kids, you’re paying for full-time daycare or you’re financing a multitude of extracurricular activities, having children drives financial prioritization.

With more family members depending on you, life insurance is more important than ever before. If the unthinkable happens, you want to protect your family and make sure they can continue their current lifestyle, even if you’re gone. Do you have enough protection?

Getting caught up in the daily craziness is understandable, but updating your long-term strategy is more important than ever before. A financial advisor can help make sure your family is protected from an unexpected event, your children’s college tuition savings are on track and your retirement strategy is headed in the right direction.

Topics to discuss with your advisor

  • Budget joint income and expenses, plan cash flow
  • Start saving for children’s education
  • Review your retirement funding strategy
  • Review and re-evaluate your life and disability insurance coverage
  • Begin considering your long-term health care needs
  • Evaluate investment strategy and portfolio


DOFU 12-2016

Take a deep breath and contact a financial advisor.

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