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Financial considerations throughout your life

From receiving your first college loan statement to sending out your retirement party invitations.

From dreaming of your first home to paying off your mortgage.

From applying for life insurance when you become a parent to writing out the check for your child’s wedding celebration.

Financial preparation is key to maintaining your security and building the lifestyle you want. Wherever you’re at in life, and wherever you want life to take you.

We’ve created a list of some of the major stages many people go through during life and some of the financial considerations that go along with them.

This information can be useful as a starting point for a conversation with a financial advisor and as you consider other financial tools, like employee retirement plans and insurance benefits at work, as well as products offered by your bank or credit union.

Your first full-time job

You’re excited to start building a life on your own, but you need some help figuring out how to manage your newly-adult finances.

Starting out on your own

Tying the knot

Overall, you and your new spouse have a lot of love – but not a lot of answers to some tough financial questions.

Your finances as newlyweds

Building your family

As you add more members to your family, getting caught up in the daily craziness is understandable – but your long-term financial strategy is more important than ever before.

Adding kids to the mix

Single again

After getting married, no one plans to be single again due to a divorce, separation or death of a spouse – but as in every phase of life, your financial strategy needs to be adapted to your new normal.

Adjusting for one

Nearing retirement

You’re almost ready to embark on the journey you’ve worked your whole career for – but what should you be doing financially to prepare as the big day draws near?

Retirement straight ahead


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