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Custom retirement plan solutions backed by our expertise

You can depend on Securian for flexibility, expertise, outstanding service and custom retirement plan solutions from people who truly care about our customers' financial security.

We offer 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit/pension and cash balance plans to employers of all sizes, with a special focus on plans up to $200 million in assets.

Why choose Securian retirement plans?

  • We provide administrative outsourcing at no additional cost, including streamlined plan management, fiduciary support, loan processing using ACH payments, enhanced distribution services for QDROS and hardships, terminated participant tracking and required notices management – to name a few.
  • Our investment practices put customers first. Using separate accounts offer significant benefits related to cost, transparency, tax, manager choice and performance.
  • Revenue sharing is credited back to participant accounts daily, eliminating inequity in assessing plan costs to participants.
  • Foreign tax credits are credited back to the separate accounts that generated them, resulting in lower separate account expenses and increased performance.
  • Use of the most efficient share class – after revenue sharing and/or foreign tax credits have been credited back – to help minimize expenses and maximize returns.
  • Sub-advised accounts provide more choice in capacity-constrained asset categories and lower investment costs relative to using mutual funds as the primary plan funding strategy.
  • Pricing not effected by proprietary funds, mapping strategies or fund selections.

Learn more about our retirement plan offerings and how our innovative investment practices and administrative solutions set us apart.


Securian's qualified plan products are offered through a group variable annuity contract issued by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

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