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A smooth experience for your clients – and for you

You want to get your clients the protection they need as fast and as easy as possible and feel confident that you will get a competitive decision the first time.

That’s why our underwriters continually research and develop ways to improve the underwriting process for your clients. Their experience is the most important consideration as we develop new underwriting processes and service standards.

You have direct access to underwriters to talk through the process and ask questions, eliminating confusion and speeding up the process.

Underwriting methods

Securian currently offers two underwriting approaches: traditional underwriting and WriteFit Underwriting™.

WriteFit Underwriting

Our WriteFit Underwriting option offers the potential to accelerate and simplify the underwriting process by eliminating lab work for your healthiest clients.

By applying for life insurance with WriteFit Underwriting, your healthiest clients could be approved for coverage in fewer than 48 hours.1

Eligible clients will enjoy:

  • A less invasive, streamlined process
  • Faster application approvals
  • A better customer experience

Mortality credits program

We offer a mortality credits program that will allow better-than-published guidelines decisions for many of your clients. We offer stretch guidelines in the following categories:

  • Build
  • Tobacco
  • Driving history
  • Cholesterol
  • Family history impact
  • Noncombustible tobacco

Put us to work for you

Provide your clients a better underwriting experience and close new business faster.

Start selling our products

1. After completion of a tele-interview.

Life insurance products contain fees, such as mortality and expense charges (which may increase over time), and may contain restrictions, such as surrender periods.

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

These materials are for informational and educational purposes only and are not designed, or intended, to be applicable to any person's individual circumstances. It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation that anyone engage in (or refrain from) a particular course of action. Securian Financial Group, and its affiliates, have a financial interest in the sale of their products.

DOFU 3-2017