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July 05, 2016

Millennials more bullish on market and confident of investment knowledge than boomers

Seventy-one percent of millennial investors predict a bull market in the next one to three years, compared to 50 percent of baby boomer investors.

Forty-two percent of millennial investors say they are very knowledgeable about investments, compared to 17 percent of boomers.

These are just two of the key differences uncovered in a Securian-sponsored study of millennial and baby boomer investors.

To compare generational investment behaviors and reactions to the market volatility that began late last summer, Securian surveyed 1,997 investors nationwide, inclusive of 1,040 millennials and 957 boomers.

The survey did find similarities shared by millennial and boomer investors, but differences were frequent and noteworthy.

Which of the following best describes your level of investment knowledge?

What is your level of investment knowledge_chart

What kind of market do you anticipate over the next 1 to 3 years?

Bear or Bull market_chart

What sources do you turn to for investment advice (choose all that apply)?

Sources of investment advice_chart

How do you typically react to a falling market?

How do you react to a falling market_chart

How do you typically react to a rising market?

How do you react to a rising market_chart


Securian’s millennial and baby boomer investors survey was conducted online in December 2015 and the findings were released in June 2016.

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