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Real world. Real experience. Real money.

Spend your summer gaining valuable professional experience through Securian’s summer internship program.

Internships at Securian are paid opportunities to work with associates in a particular field, learn about our company, its culture and the responsibilities that accompany a career with Securian. Having a successful internship gives you first consideration for a full-time position at Securian after you graduate.

What you’d be doing

Responsibilities are similar to those of a full-time associate – approximately 80 percent of your work as an intern relates to a specific career path.

Interns also attend a series of seminars and workshops with guest speakers, from our CEO and senior executives to new associates beginning their careers. These sessions provide a deeper understanding of our business and give you an opportunity to network and build relationships.

Areas of focus

Internships are available in four areas.

Actuarial science

Explore actuarial science as a career option and participate in research activities like expense, mortality, lapse and interest studies.

Business technology

As part of a business technology team, you will help define and deliver technology solutions that satisfy the needs of internal and external customers.

Information technology

Information Technology interns learn skills needed for the development and support of applications, including coding, testing and debugging. You will work with teams performing a variety of activities, including work with web, client/server and/or mainframe applications.

Management development

Work on a variety of real-world projects that relate to current business needs at Securian, such as cost justification studies, researching and defining procedures and best practices, providing marketing support for products and researching effective marketing tools, and more.

How to apply

We encourage candidates to apply for consideration at the beginning of your junior year.

You may apply for an internship using our careers website.

We begin interviewing for internships in the fall. If selected, you would participate during the summer between your junior and senior years.

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