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Supporting Minnesota’s startup community

We believe in the importance of fostering innovation and supporting the growth of new ideas, in both the financial services/insurance industry and Minnesota’s economy overall.

That's why we've joined with other Minnesota businesses in supporting MN Cup, a statewide startup competition organized by the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

As a 2016 direct award sponsor, Securian provides a $10,000 award for an innovation that shapes the future of financial services or life insurance through technology.

2016 Award winner: Sezzle

In an award celebration held on September 22, 2016, Securian presented the $10,000 prize to Sezzle, provider of a new digital ACH payment solution, for its example of how financial technology can improve customer experience and deliver cost benefits and other value to businesses. The Sezzle solution enables businesses to reduce credit card processing fees and upgrade loyalty programs, while consumers enjoy convenience and earn reward points.

Visit the Sezzle website to learn more about its innovative technology.

Judging criteria

All 2016 MN Cup semifinalists were eligible for the Securian prize, which took into account the following additional considerations:

  • Applies to life insurance, retirement, wealth management, employer benefits or other financial services categories
  • Benefits consumers, institutional customers, intermediaries/channel partners, or delivers operational improvements to a financial services provider
  • Delivers value through improved experiences, cost savings, value-added services, speed and/or efficiency gains
  • Enables new customer acquisition, improved customer retention, expansion of solutions, or entrance into new markets

When reviewing entries, we also focused on several key areas.

MN Cup - Problem_icon

The customer pain point or need the solution will address

Mn Cup - Solution_icon

A well-articulated description of the proposed solution and how it solves the problem

MN Cup - Market_icon

Clearly defined customer targets and market opportunity size

MN Cup - Competition_icon

A review of the competitive landscape and the proposed solution's competitive advantage

MN Cup - Team_icon

Why the team’s experience and background is unique to the solution or the market

MN Cup - Plan_icon
Business plan

A multi-year roadmap of how the team plans to grow, including anticipated funding needs, usage of funds and runway

DOFU 6-2016

Official MN Cup website

Visit the MN Cup website for more details about the competition.

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