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Put our expertise to work

Trust management requires legal and investment expertise, knowledge of complex regulations and reporting requirements, an objective perspective, and advanced administrative, record keeping and accounting systems.

When loved ones are assigned to serve as trustees, they are often overwhelmed by these complexities. By working with Securian Trust Company, you can reduce the risks and burdens that can come with appointing a friend or relative.

Our benefits to you

Securian Trust Company provides an impartial perspective that helps preserve family relationships. Our dedicated team focuses on professional account administration designed to align with the trust’s objectives.

A long-term relationship

At Securian Trust Company, your trust advisor spends the time to get to know you and your goals. We start by thoroughly understanding what you want from your trust today and well into the future. Whether your vision plays out over years or over generations, we will provide continuity and expertise in managing your trust.

Managing investments to meet your goals

When we develop a trust portfolio, we consider the trust's financial goals and objectives. We manage each trust account individually to meet the trust’s objectives and the beneficiaries’ needs.

We work with you, your financial professionals, your attorneys and accountants to develop an individual investment policy statement for the trust based on the trust's long- and short-term goals, risk tolerance, tax concerns and more.

Throughout the life of the trust, our team of investment professionals monitors and, as allowed by the trust, adjusts each trust portfolio in response to market demands and the changing needs of the trust’s beneficiaries.

Decades of expertise

You benefit from the skills and experience of a team of professionals who have dedicated their careers to providing trust services. Our credentialed trust officers average 20 years of experience.

Our expertise in managing expenses and our ability to obtain additional professional services at a reasonable cost means working with us can lead to cost advantages for you.

Your accounts will be professionally administered and benefit from complete reporting and recordkeeping systems that help ensure timely, accurate and compliant reporting of all trust activity.

Ready for the next step?

Call Securian Trust Company at 1-800-818-7988 or contact us online to talk about your trust needs.

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Securian Trust Company, N.A., is an affiliate of Securian Financial Group, Inc. and is a national trust bank chartered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. 

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