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Benefits of a Trust

Keeping you in control

Trusts can allow you to direct how you want your assets to be transferred, both while you’re alive and after you’re gone.

Protecting your intentions

Trusts carry out your wishes for addressing your family’s most important financial issues.


Trusts can help keep assets out of probate, protect privacy and streamline the transferring of wealth to your beneficiaries – you specify to whom and under what conditions your assets will be passed on.


Creating a trust before you are faced with incapacity, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, can help ensure the your assets are managed according to your wishes or future needs.

Family considerations

Defining how your assets will be passed on can decrease the potential for family conflict.

Charitable giving

Charitable trusts provide an innovative way to transfer your assets and support the organizations and causes that matter to you.

Special needs or circumstances

Trusts can ensure the future care of loved ones and family members with special needs or challenges.


Trusts can take assets out of an estate, helping lower your tax exposure.

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