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Use diversification as an investment tool

How you decide to invest your money determines how your money will grow or perform. Do you want to take on less risk and maintain slower growth or higher risk with faster growth?

Diversifying your portfolio, or selecting a variety of different investment types, is important to long-term retirement investing.

By diversifying, you’re spreading your money among various investments that react differently to market conditions. It’s an investing strategy that may help you manage risk, while aiming to maximize return, in your portfolio. 

How you diversify depends on personal factors, such as time horizon (length of time to invest) and risk tolerance (how comfortable you are with different levels of risk).

Create your own investment mix — or choose pre-mixed portfolios expertly designed for you. 


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Your plan offers expertly designed portfolios to fit almost any retirement saver — pick what works for you.

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Neither asset allocation, nor diversification guarantee against loss. They are methods used to manage risk.

Investments will fluctuate and when redeemed may be worth more or less than when originally invested    

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