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Five steps to help boost your retirement

No matter where you are on your journey, there are five key steps you can take to help build up your retirement account. And better your chances of retiring when and how you want.

Use these five simple steps now and throughout your life to help create the retirement you want.

Your five-step retirement journey

Here's a quick overview of the five steps you can start taking now:

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Review your investments

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Decide which investments to use and how much to allocate to each option.

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Choose your beneficiaries

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Take time to select your beneficiaries so it’s clear who will inherit your retirement account.

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Calculate the income you’ll need


Our online retirement calculator can help you project your future monthly income after you retire.

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Save more without feeling it

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Increase your savings; start with an amount that works for you and add more when you can.

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Consider an account rollover

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Would you benefit from combining your retirement accounts? Learn about the pros and cons.

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