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Debt protection

A flexible way to protect you and your borrowers

Sudden, life-altering events can cause financial hardship for your borrowers, making it difficult for them to make loan payments.

Debt protection is a contractual agreement between your financial institution and your borrowers to cancel or suspend all or part of the obligation to repay a loan due to specified events, such as death, disability and involuntary unemployment.

More flexible than insurance

Debt protection programs are lending products that offer an alternative to traditional loan protection programs.

Because debt protection is not an insurance product, you have greater flexibility in program design and pricing. Offering debt protection products to borrowers does not require insurance licensing.

Turnkey program options

Securian Financial offers a complete portfolio of standardized debt protection programs that address each loan type.

Our predesigned solutions take the guesswork out of program design and accelerate the implementation process. If you have specific requirements for your institution or your borrowers, we also offer the ability to customize our programs.

Securian’s programs cover many loan types, including:

  • Consumer loans
  • Credit card accounts
  • Lines of credit
  • Home equity loans
  • Commercial and agricultural loans

You’re in control

You have complete ownership of your debt protection program and the contractual relationship with your borrower. 

Your institution can choose to administer and assume risk in connection with your programs or contract with Securian Financial companies to take on program risk and administration.

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Existing policy questions

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