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Securian Financial

Why choose Securian Financial?

The value of decades of expertise

Why should you consider working with Securian Financial? Experienced investment professionals, flexible investing solutions and simplified administration are just a few reasons.

Extensive experience

Our associates bring you a high level of expertise and experience. The Securian Financial team serving your plan is long-tenured and committed to flexibility and service.


Rely on our years of experience*  
Conversion managers 10
Relationship managers 23
Account managers 24
ERISA plan consultants 19
Investment specialists 18
Customer service advocates 6

*Combined average as of 12/31/18

Returning value to you and your employees

Securian Financial's approach to plan investments includes leveraging the most efficient share classes — after crediting back revenue sharing and/or foreign tax credits. Revenue sharing is credited back to participant accounts that earned them on a daily basis, eliminating inequity in assessing plan costs to participants.

Foreign tax credits are credited back to the separate accounts that generated them, resulting in lower separate account expenses.

Automatic investing solutions1

Asset allocation decisions can be overwhelming for many participants. That's why we offer automatic investing solutions to help with the selection process.

We offer two unique solutions specifically designed to appeal to participants desired level of involvement:

  • TargetAge® — Age-based “invest based on my age” asset allocation approach
  • Model Portfolios — Risk-based “invest with help” approach

These solutions help simplify asset allocation decisions for participants without adding management complexity for you. Best of all — you can choose to offer both features to your employees at no additional cost.

Outsource administration to us

Let Securian Financial take the burden off your benefits staff and administer aspects of your plan for no additional cost to your organization.

We offer features that move the work from your desk to ours:

  • Terminated participant tracking and address updating with fees charged to the participant's account
  • Enhanced distribution services, for distributions like QDROs and hardships
  • Loan processing using ACH payments from the participant’s bank account means no involvement for your benefits team
  • Required notices management services simplifies the participant notice process

Communication tools

All of Securian Financial's retirement plans are backed by user-friendly self-service websites for participants and employers.

Our participant communication materials help convey the value of your plan and educate your employees about saving for retirement and investing at all stages of their careers.

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1. TargetAge and model portfolios are based on generally accepted investment principles and consider an investor’s life expectancy and risk preference respectively. These portfolios should not be construed as investment advice. A person should select investments based on personal goals and situation. The investment options which comprise TargetAge and model portfolios can also be selected separately outside of TargetAge and model portfolios. The investment options are not guaranteed and may increase or decrease in value.

Securian Financial's qualified retirement plan products are offered through a group variable annuity contract issued by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. 

DOFU 10-2019