Employer retirement plans

Helping your employees achieve long-term goals

Help your employees live the lives they want in retirement – work with Securian Financial to provide them with a customized, flexible retirement plan backed by a strong balance sheet and excellent customer service.

Who we serve

We work with employers in a wide array of industries to evaluate all types of retirement plans and find the right one for their needs – from 401(k) and profit sharing to defined benefit/pension and cash balance plans.

We serve organizations of all sizes, but we specialize in plans with assets up to $200 million. We have more than $20 billion in total assets as of Dec. 31, 2017.

Put our experience to work

Securian Financial has a long-established presence in the retirement plans industry. We’ve offered qualified retirement plans since 1930, and our very first employer customer is still with us – a testament to the long-term success we’d bring to you and your employees.

We had a 97 percent client satisfaction rate and retained 96 percent of client assets under management in 2017.1

Qualified retirement plan products

We offer a variety of retirement solutions, including 401(k), profit sharing, defined-benefit/pension and cash balance plans.

401(k) and profit sharing plans

Take advantage of our flexible, customizable 401(k) plan design options that are based on employer goals, budget and employee demographics.

You can select investment options from an open architecture platform offering over 5,800 unique investment options or choose from a lineup of funds offering 3(21) investment fiduciary support.

Our investment allocation portfolios based on age or risk tolerance help employees overcome confusion, maximize contributions and prepare for retirement readiness.

Profit sharing and matching contribution components are also available.

Defined benefit/pension plans

Differentiate yourself in the market and reward your employees with a valuable defined benefit plan – or pension plan – that pays a promised benefit at retirement.

Regardless of how the plan investments perform, the benefits participants receive will not change. What changes is the amount the employer is required to contribute to the plan.

Defined benefit plans are attractive for large companies that want to offer retirement security for their employees. Smaller firms with high-income employees may also enjoy the potential increase in tax benefits that come with greater retirement contributions.

Cash balance plans

Bridge the gap between a traditional defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan with a cash balance plan.

Here’s how it works: an employer promises an employee a contribution equal to a percent of each year’s earnings and a rate of return on that contribution. Benefit amounts are unaffected by investment value fluctuations.

This plan is ideal for smaller employers with a reliable earnings stream to fund contributions every year and maximize benefits to employees nearing retirement age.

Securian Financial's qualified plan products are offered through a group variable annuity contract issued by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

Financial Wellness 360™

An epidemic of bad financial behaviors has American workers worried and employers seeking solutions. A report carried out by the American Psychological Association revealed that 62% of adults felt stressed about money.2

Help employees turn financial stress into long-term success with Financial Wellness 360. Engaging content when and where employees want it, inspires lasting change. Our multi-faceted financial wellness program offers comprehensive, flexible solutions to meet the needs of diverse workforces.

Learn more about Financial Wellness 360™

What sets us apart

From extensive administrative outsourcing and client-focused investment practices to personal service provided by experienced retirement plan specialists that care about our customers, we have a lot to offer.     

Why work with us?

Next steps

Team up with us and take advantage of our extensive expertise across all facets of retirement plans.

Learn more about Securian Financial's retirement solutions. Find a financial advisor or contact a retirement wholesaler.

  1. Securian Plan Sponsor Satisfaction Survey as of December 31, 2017. Satisfaction rating for clients with over $10 million in assets.
  2. APA, Stress in America: The State of Our Nation, November 1, 2017. 

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