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March 2021 Edition

COVID-19 accelerates benefits digital transformation

There’s no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the transformation of digital technology across nearly every industry. For corporate benefits managers, digital transformation initiatives have made it possible to efficiently conduct virtual benefits fairs and provide decision support tools designed to educate and help employees opt for the most cost-effective benefits. The advantages of more powerful technology tools?

  • Personalized employee engagement
  • Easier enrolling
  • Wider employee participation
  • Better insights into employee interactions through data

HR teams shift strategies to better connect with remote employees during enrollment

Over the past several months, HR teams have shifted their strategies to better connect with employees working from home, as well as frontline employees working in factories, hospitals and retail that either don’t work from a computer or don’t have a company email address.

To ensure all employees receive the same benefit education experiences during enrollment, HR teams are adopting new approaches by leaning on a wide range of tools to communicate with employees such as QR codes, virtual benefits fairs, videos, decision-support tools, video conference calls, digital and physical postcards, mobile apps and texting.1 These options can be combined to create the right flow of critical information to reach all employees — wherever they’re located.

Artificial intelligence and big data take center stage

A few of the technology cornerstones driving enterprise-level digital transformation initiatives are artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.2 AI’s advantage — and its machine learning complement — is it helps organizations leverage their data assets to better understand, plan and predict what’s around the bend, especially with the rise in remote workers.

Future applications of artificial intelligence within HR includes talent acquisition, employee engagement and seamless interaction with personalized benefits programs. In 2021, some see AI playing a role in helping employees avoid burnout with interactive coaching tools that encourage more engagement.2

Securian Financial advanced technology

Recognizing that technology is driving digital transformation efforts, Securian Financial has accelerated development of technology tools to help enterprises during enrollment and post-enrollment, as well as with ongoing employee engagement:

  • Enrollment education and decision-support tools include virtual benefit fairs, Brainshark presentations, webinars, texting and QR codes, and an interactive Benefit Scout® platform that uses AI
  • Contact-free medical underwriting decreases underwriting time and DocuSign® (digital signature capture tool) makes filing a claim less stressful
  • Financial Wellness 360® is a multi-faceted wellness program that inspires, educates and encourages employees to make lasting financial behavior changes all year-round

The digital acceleration phenomenon

Want to learn more about the digital acceleration phenomenon – and how it’s transforming both the benefits industry and customer experiences? Download Securian Financial’s white paper: “Accelerated digital transformation of group insurance has benefits.

1. Smith, Heather. “Virtual Open Enrollment Exposes New Benefits Challenges for HR Teams,” Forbes, November 16, 2020.

2. Thomas, John. “The role AI and data will play in the 2021 benefits ecosystem,” Benefits Pro, January 6, 2021.

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Securian Financial is the marketing name for Securian Financial Group, Inc., and its affiliates. Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company are affiliates of Securian Financial Group, Inc.

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