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December 2020 Edition

Everyone can agree, 2020 has been a wild ride. Benefits professionals at every company have contended with the rippling effects of COVID-19. And at the same time, COVID’s impact has changed every business's trajectory over the past 12 months. In case you missed this year’s most popular Snapshots, here’s a recap of the top three topics of 2020.

Top three Snapshot articles of 2020

Financial wellness benefits remain top of mind (January 2020)

Emerging financial wellness benefits were on the minds of HR and benefits professionals this year. By promoting overall well-being through financial wellness programs, companies can help employees avoid emergency care and associated expenses — and keep benefit packages as affordable as possible for everyone1.

The top five benefit offerings include:

  1. Budgeting assistance and debt reduction
  2. Financial education seminars
  3. Self-service money management tools
  4. Student loan repayment and assistance
  5. Personal financial consulting

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The year of working from home (May 2020)

With a global pandemic forcing most corporate offices to close, companies have widely embraced work-from-home protocols this year. One benefit to this change is productivity has increased due to greater work rules flexibility2. Many companies are now considering a permanent loosening of guidelines requiring their employees to work in person at the office.

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Improving the benefits claims journey (June 2020)

How employees experience the benefits claims journey was another topic that resonated with benefit leaders. To provide better support, employers need to understand the range of emotions beneficiaries experience at each stage of the claims journey; pre-claim, claims and claim payout.

Employers can also help their employees prepare for the unexpected by encouraging them to have conversations with their beneficiaries once they purchase a policy.

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Time to reset the clock

2021 gives every company the chance to start anew — to reset the clock. On behalf of Securian Financial, thanks for being a loyal Snapshot subscriber. We will continue to bring a range of benefits insights and information each month to keep you up to date on the topics that matter the most.

In the meantime, wishing you and your family health and happiness this holiday season. See you next year!

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1. Sheth, Dinesh. “What employers can do to combat rising health care costs in the new year.”, December 16, 2019.

2. “The IWG Global Workplace Survey,” International Workplace Group, March 2019.

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