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Lifestyle Benefits

Self-service tools and resources

Lifestyle Benefits is a suite of self-service resources that help employees address financial challenges in all stages of life.

  • Available online and by phone 24/7/365
  • Employees and their families can access tools anytime — without having to enroll
  • Most solutions available at no additional cost to the employee or employer

78% of our employer clients

have adopted at least one of our lifestyle benefits, making them available to 5.9 million employees

As of November 2020

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Legal, financial and grief resources

From LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell

Professional services for a variety of needs ranging from legal matters, financial situations or coping with the loss of a loved one.


A complimentary 30-minute consultation per issue by phone or in an attorney’s local office.

  • One consultation per issue is available each year
  • Additional services are available at 25 percent discount of the attorney’s hourly fee
  • Includes access to a full suite of online services, including:
    • Simple will preparation
    • Templates
    • Other resources


Phone access to accredited financial counselors to answer questions or schedule a 45-minute counseling session per issue on these topics:

  • Budget analysis
  • Credit management
  • Bankruptcy
  • Establishing savings goals
  • Finding resources for:
    • Home ownership, college funding or retirement planning
    • Basic estate planning
    • Questions about tax planning and preparation

Grief support

Access to master’s level consultants by phone for any stage of grief.

  • Referrals to outside agencies on a broad range of issues related to loss

Travel assistance services

From Redpoint WTP LLC

Offers 24/7/365 support when traveling 50 or more miles away from home.

  • Pre-trip planning
    • Information on passport, visa and immunization requirements
    • Updated currency conversion information
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Transport services
  • Online pre-trip resources
  • Medical and security evacuation services
  • Medical evacuation
    • Pre-hospital assistance
    • Once hospitalized, transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility
    • Medically necessary repatriation
    • Mortal remains repatriation
    • Return of dependent children
    • Family member visitation
    • Transportation of travel companion
    • Pet return services
    • Rental vehicle assistance
  • Security evacuation
    • Transport to nearest safe area
  • ID theft support if your wallet/purse is lost or stolen

Redpoint covers almost 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all 7 continents

As of September 2020

Identity theft recovery services

From Generali Global Assistance

Fraud resolution specialists provide guidance and perform certain administrative tasks to resolve issues resulting from identity theft.

The program includes:

  • Prevention services
  • Detection services
  • Resolution guidance and assistance
  • Personal services
  • Education and ID theft resolution kit
  • ID Theft Affidavit to be submitted to proper authorities, credit bureaus and creditors
  • Assistance with notification of major credit-reporting agencies
  • Assistance with requests to creditors to cancel cards and issue new ones
  • Translation services if the theft occurs overseas and employee needs help communicating with the local police to file a report
  • Emergency cash advance* (up to $500) when theft occurs 100+ miles from home

*Guarantee of reimbursement is required.

About 7-10 percent of Americans are victims of identity fraud every year.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services

From LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell

Web/telephonic only:
  • Access: 24/7 phone access, video counseling and live chat
  • Employee support categories:
    • Emotional support — anxiety, depression, stress and anger management, and more
    • Practical everyday support — elder care and child care matching, legal services, financial and debt support, nutritional and weight management, and more
    • Substance abuse management — focused clinical solutions to address mental health issues
  • Manager support and consultations  — Coaching and tools for handling workplace issues, how to refer to the EAP and sensitive workplace concerns
  • Digital EAP content via mobile or desktop: 8,000+ articles, assessments, toolkits and more
  • Access to online self-guided program, CareNow
  • Perks & savings: cashback from online purchases, discounted gift cards, exclusive offers and more
Core Well-being

(everything in web/telephonic, plus):

  • Face-to-face in-person counseling
  • Critical incident support — telephonic and on-site support for critical incidents
  • Workplace learning and training — tips and tools to promote well-being in life and at work
Total Well-being

(everything in web/telephonic and Core Well-being, plus):

  • Health assessments — current state of health and provides data-driven, personalized recommendations for positive lifestyle changes
  • Corporate and personal challenges — promotes participation in company-hosted or private wellness challenges
  • Rewards and points — incentives based on completion of assessments, challenges or progress toward health goals
  • Wearable tech integration — fitness tracker challenges using wearable tracking technology
  • Telephonic health coaching — clinical interventions to encourage behavioral change for topics such as sleep, stress, weight, smoking, pre-diabetes and general health

EAP counseling reduced overall stress by 28 percent


Legacy planning resources

From Securian Financial

Access a variety of online information and resources to work through end-of-life issues including:

  • End-of-life and funeral planning
  • Final arrangements
  • Important directives
  • Survivor assistance
  • Funeral concierge — allows for coverage verification and direct payment to a funeral home so that services can be provided before insurance payment is available
  • Express Assignment™ — funeral home assignment service reduces concern about paying funeral expenses

Beneficiary financial coaching

From PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

An independent and objective financial coaching program for employees’ beneficiaries. Coaches do not sell investments or financial products. This program includes:

  • Guidance from a financial coach on a monthly basis via phone to help with financial decisions during the first six months after a claim is paid. The coach is available for the following six months as needed. Access to PwC Envision™ (mobile-enabled web application) for 12 months with tools to help set goals and track progress
    • Retirement planning
    • Spending
    • Saving
    • Managing debt
  • Financial Fitness Assessment — personalized financial wellness report that outlines key action items
  • Survivor guide workbooks focused on specific planning stages
  • Specialized resources available for beneficiaries receiving larger benefits

Available to more than 5.4 million employees across the U.S.

2020 client participation results

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