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Student loan assistance from CommonBond

CommonBond for Business™ provides a full suite of student loan assistance benefits that can impact every member of a workforce — regardless of age.

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To understand the impact of student debt in the employee population, CommonBond provides an analysis, using a financial wellness diagnostic tool that analyzes your employees across age, income and tenure.

Employer contribution platform

Enables your employees to make financial contributions to help pay down their student debt.

Student loan evaluation tool

Robust education tool provides personalized recommendations to employees seeking options to better manage student debt.

Student loan refinancing1

Gives employees the opportunity to lower interest rates on existing student debt, lower monthly payments or both.

Smarter student loans

Offers low-interest loans to finance new education, either for themselves or their college-aged children.

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Over the past twenty years, the average tuition and fees for four-year public institution is three times higher even after adjusting for inflation2


$2.5 billion in loans funded by CommonBond3

The Missing Benefit in Financial Wellness

How companies handle employee financial wellness and the missing benefit that could energize their workforce.

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Refinancing my two small, but high-interest private loans has helped me keep on track with my long-term financial goals.

Paige W.

Employee using CommonBond

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1. Refinancing options are subject to approval.

2. “Trends in College Pricing 2019.”

3. “Mass Mutual and CommonBond Team Up to Help Tackle Student Debt in the U.S.,” press release,, June 26, 2019.

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