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Financial Wellness 360®

Solutions to help reduce employees' financial stress

Securian’s Financial Wellness 360 program offers comprehensive, flexible solutions to meet the needs of diverse workforces. Our multi-faceted financial wellness program inspires, educates and encourages employees to make lasting financial behavior changes. A financially-well workforce can lead to less stress, higher employee retention and reduced health care costs.

The need for financial wellness is clear

Finances are the number one source of daily stress for U.S. adults, and more than half of American households do not have a long-term financial plan1. Financial stress distracts employees and can hurt the bottom line. Distraction, driven by financial distress, lowers productivity, increases turnover and affects employee health.1

A financial wellness program that inspires lasting change

Financial Wellness 360 is comprised of solutions to help reduce financial stress: SmartDollar®, Advisor Connection, CommonBond for Business™ and Lifestyle Benefits.


Guided online financial wellness program

SmartDollar2 is an immersive online program that takes a holistic approach to financial wellness, helping produce lasting behavior change. The average SmartDollar user pays off $9,4003 in debt and saves $6,1003 in the first year. Acting as an online personal financial coach, SmartDollar meets users where they are and helps them from the day they start the program all the way through their retirement.

With over 25 years of experience3 in the financial wellness space, more than 4.5 million3 people have been helped with their personal finances. SmartDollar program benefits include:

  • Turn-key program with dedicated marketing support
  • End-to-end reporting metrics

Advisor Connection

Financial educational worksite seminars

Advisor Connection offers convenient, worksite seminars allowing employees to learn about finance principles that are relevant to them including personal finance and retirement strategies. And with only 10 percent of employers indicating they feel satisfied with their workers’ knowledge of how much they need to save for retirement, on-site financial education can help address gaps.4

An in-person experience allows employees to learn directly from program-certified, registered financial advisors. Advisor Connection program benefits include:

  • Securian Financial-managed seminar registration and promotional campaign to drive awareness
  • Reporting that includes employee participation and satisfaction data
  • A workbook for each participating employee that outlines key concepts with an invitation to schedule a one-on-one conversation with the financial professional 

Learn more about Advisor Connection.


Student loan assistance benefits  

CommonBond provides a full suite of student loan benefits that can impact every member of a workforce - regardless of age. These programs can boost any financial wellness program and in turn help employers attract and retain top talent. Solutions include:

  • Employer contribution platform - enabling employers to make financial contributions to help pay-down employees’ student debt.
  • Student loan evaluation tool  - a robust education tool providing personalized recommendations to individuals seeking options to better manage student debt.
  • Student loan refinancing5  - an opportunity to lower interest rates on existing student debt, lower monthly payments, or both.  
  • Smarter student loans  - low interest loans for those who need to finance new education, either for themselves or for their college-aged children.

Lifestyle Benefits

Self-service tools and resources

Lifestyle Benefits is a suite of self-service resources that help employees address today’s financial challenges and plan for tomorrow. Available online and by phone 24/7/365, employees can simply access tools as they’re needed – without any enrollment. Services include:

  • Confidential financial advice and support6
  • Financial assessments, articles and tips6
  • Travel assistance, including pre-trip planning and emergency services6
  • Objective beneficiary financial counseling6
  • Will preparation guidance6
  • Legal and grief counseling to help with the impacts of significant life events6

Learn more about our Lifestyle Benefits for employees.

Learn more about our Financial Wellness 360 program

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The case for comprehensive financial wellness benefits

There are ten building blocks companies of all sizes can use to create a financial wellness program relevant for their workforce.

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Distracted at home, unfocused at work


of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck.7


of those making $100,000 or more say they can’t make ends meet.7


of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency.8

Engaging content when and where employees want it


Access to SmartDollar’s website 24/7/365

At work

Worksite seminars through Advisor Connection 

Over the phone

with tools provided by Lifestyle Benefits 


Access CommonBond's student loan assistance benefits anywhere you are

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SmartDollar, CommonBond and Lifestyle Benefits are provided by third party service providers. All such services and products are the sole responsibility of the service provider. The services are not affiliated with Securian or its group contracts and may be discontinued at any time. Certain terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply when utilizing the services.

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